April 13, 2021

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Top Areas To Invest In Dubai Real Estate

Dubai Real Estate

There are many investment opportunities in Dubai. Dubai is not only a vocational and cultural hub that attracts 20 million tourists each year. It’s also the prime spot for real estate investment. That is even open to foreigners who have the capital and an interest in gaining high ROIs.

Earlier, people had doubts about the leasehold and freehold zones and the laws of ownership in the emirate. However, since many contemporary developments in the emirate have been encouraging freehold zone investments. International investors have also started to take an interest. It’s clear that the high standards of luxury, opulence, and grandeur that are signature to Dubai’s real estate developers, are now available for everyone to own. You won’t have to sit back and wonder how it’d be like to own a place like an Emirati. Because now, you can own one yourself.

Coming over to the list of areas you should check out for your investment venture, here are a few:

Palm Jumeirah

The man-made tree-shaped archipelago, also known as another wonder of the world, is one of the most demanded locations on the planet. Some of the world’s biggest and richest celebrities and billionaires own villas and townhouses in the area. Although the price is very high, the returns are, therefore, equally benefiting to the owner who endeavors to invest. The world-class luxury resorts as well as top-tier residential communities in the area make for the ideal utopia for tourists and visitors. You can be sure that the area will sell itself with its opulence, amenities, and facilities that are unparalleled around the world.

Dubai Marina

Staying on top of the list for a long time. Dubai Marina is home to some of the most amazing waterfront developments in the emirate. Not only is the area houses to the world’s biggest mall, but it also features the whole world’s retail options. You’ll have plenty of entertainment options right alongside each and every one of the residential development projects that you shortlist for your investment.

Being a top-notch commercial market that has businesses and offices nestling inside along with restaurants and amusement parks, Dubai Marina is one of the most popular communities in Dubai. For those who are interested in investing, they can consider beachfront as well as waterfront properties.

If you think that the prices are too high, you should look for off-plan investments. Since developers offer crazy discounts and incredibly easy payment plans, it’s very easy to own a property in the area. An example of this could be the much-anticipated Stella Maris apartments. These residential units are quickly gaining attention and popularity due to the fact that they offer scenic horizons and views of the emirate’s skylines. Moreover, since Stella Maris is going to be the last waterfront development in the area, it’s everyone’s last shot to own a place in the Marina.

Dubai South

Although many might think that Dubai South is a long shot in terms of real estate liquidity and profits, the awaited Expo 2020 will change your mind. Even though the event has been delayed. It has only proven more beneficial for the many developers who now have an increased amount of time to deliver on the promised numbers of inventory additions. Moreover, those who didn’t get a chance before are now racing to complete their projects and sell off their properties to investors who know how huge a success the event will be. It is being speculated that the Expo 2020 will bring an estimated population of 22 million just for the event.

Jumeirah Village Circle

The JVC is home to 2000 of the emirate’s most luxurious and elegant villas that have been masterfully designed. Showcasing the most extraordinary architecture and internal design that appeals to families from around the world. JVC is an investor’s favorite investment. One of the most appealing aspects of the area is the presence of the two international schools. These schools have set the bar high for top-quality education. If not for the lush green landscapes, the opulent infrastructure, or the top-notch amenities, families are bound to find the surrounding landmarks appealing.

So, there you have it. These are Dubai’s most notable locations for real estate investment that you should check out right away.