Top Best Laptops for Medical Students

Best Laptops for Medical Students

Why is it important for you to choose the best tablet and best laptops for medical school that may last throughout the long years you’re visiting spend there?

The age of technology has dawned upon the sphere of a medical study. Usage of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops are largely incorporated within the health curricula in almost any school of medicine not only within the U.S. but also worldwide!

Going to a school without the best electronic learning tools will get in your way from an optimal learning experience. That’s why you wish to create a wise decision in choosing a laptop. So, let me facilitate you with this list of best laptops for med school!

In this guide, I will show you some incredible laptops that will help you to make your projects easier and manage your all day tasks.

1- Macbook Air

MacBook Air is one of the most effective laptops for med school and has always been the right choice for med students. With one of the fastest SSD Apple has produced, you wouldn’t have any time to waste looking forward to your laptop else

It is also one of every of the lightest MacBooks that Apple has manufactured. It’s thin and light-weight, enabling you to suit in additional stuff into your bag.  Due to its special chromium polymer it too light and you can’t even feel that this laptop is present in your bag.

Though the display is just 13 inches in dimensions, it’ll still work enough for you to split screens and multi-task. Plus, there is the Retina True Tone display that enables you to look at histology images as precise and accurate. You will feel the true colors with a brighter look.

All these features enable you to begin studying and dealing immediately whenever and wherever you’re. But after all, there are downsides you’ve got to think about, as well.

First off, it’s not Windows. It’s Mac OS X. Some med schools don’t recommend this operating system because a number of the software you’re required to put in might not be compatible with it.

Moreover, you’ve got to think about whether this laptop will slot in your budget because honestly, Apple products are expensive as hell. It comes with a beautiful brand image.

It would do one great if you’ll manage to afford it on top of your tuition fees, but if you’re one among the unfortunate ones – don’t worry! soonI’ve got a listing of the most effective laptops if you’re on a shoestring budget.


Professional and classy design
Long battery life
Quick start-up
Lightweight, thin, and compact
128 GB SSD for max storage of files without the requirement for the memory device


Only three ports
Pricing of $1,199.00 at the time of writing

2- Dell Inspiron

This laptop comes in a hybrid design, meaning you’ll be able to either simply use it as a laptop or as a handheld tablet. This feature comes useful at a time once you want to read your notes while you’re on your thanks to class or write your notes on that.

With its 360 degrees hinge, you can also use this laptop as a tablet for your comfort and ease. There is an amazing backlit keyboard that gives you the next-level experience of ease.

This amazing laptop comes with multiple ports such as HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, USB Type-C, SD card reader, and a headphone jack. for somebody who still stands by the functionality of those ports, this may well be the laptop for you!


The relatively cheaper price of $999.11
Aesthetically pleasing and functional backlit keyboard
Hybrid design with a 360-degree hinge


Not as vibrant and bright display because the others on this list

3- Microsoft Surface Pro 6

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is a convertible. With its 360 degrees hinge, you can also use this laptop as a tablet. People on the go, like med students, stand by this convertible to assist them to do work wherever they’ll be.

If you’re still not acquainted with this ideayou’ll be able to learn more about tablets and convertibles here!

Without any doubt, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 proves to be another best in our list of best laptops for med school. In addition, it comes with the latest and up to graded Intel Core i5 (8th gen) – making it powerful and allowing you to multitask quickly and smoothly.

Its display has much better than Microsoft Surface Pro 4. I Gives you a better contrast ratio and very high-color accuracy. Your chart readings and histology images will appear lots better on the Surface Pro 6’s display.

It gives you a long usage with A battery life that may last for 8 to 13 hours – enabling you to make your long projects and other works.


Powerful despite its compact form factor
Vibrant and color-accurate screen display
All-day long battery life
Laptop or tablet? You decide!


Lacks USB-C port
Premium pricing of $799 

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