October 17, 2021

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Virtual Trade Show Ideas 2021: Best Practices

Virtual Trade Show

Imagine a world wherein you could just sit, relax and find new leads hassle-free. How exciting does it sound- a trade show without any tiring run-around where you’d probably earn much more and get to keep more money in your pockets!

The good news is, this ideal world exists, and that, in the form of ‘Virtual Trade Shows’.

As technology is advancing and becoming more easier to use, businesses are making the most out of innovative methods to maximize profits and optimise their resources.

One of the best examples is the rise of virtual events leading to the  transformation of the entire landscape of qualified lead generation. More importantly, these events will only go bigger from where we are now.

What is a Virtual Trade Show?

A virtual trade show is a virtual event which takes place over the internet with a dynamic environment, 3D setup, and incorporated with engagement tools.

Since the event takes place over the internet it can be accessible to anyone in the world, virtual trade shows also allow the attendees to visit and interact with each other’s platform event platform. Virtual events are becoming the new trend as it eliminates chaotic issues such as

-Audience attendance

-Restricted reach

-Costly infrastructure

-Exhausting and Confusing Planning

What are the key benefits of hosting a virtual trade show?

1. Increased audience with a wider reach.

The virtual and digital nature of trade shows makes it easy for anyone to attend from anywhere in the world, it also provides a wider reach for the host. The host can now present the event and capture leads from anywhere in the world. The host can spread awareness about the virtual trade show in significantly less time because of the virtual nature. For the attendees, a simple device is required with access to the internet.

2. Convenient and Universal.

Travel, accommodation, and physical attendance require a lot of time, effort, and money. Such expenses can be eliminated by virtual trade shows as it gives everyone a chance to attend the event without leaving their home/work. Specially abled persons who may not be able to attend traditional events can also take part in virtual events. There is an option to help individuals with different abilities thus ensuring diversity and better engagement.

3. Cost-Effective

In a traditional event expenses such as venue space, gadgets, parking facilities, interior furniture, designs, sanitation, labor, etc., can be quite a load on your finances. Such expenses can be eliminated in virtual trade shows.

Physical events require a lot of manpower and energy which often leads to tiredness. The ups and downs are difficult to deal with and the expenditure goes over the roof.

Virtual trade shows, on the other hand, reduced the cost of hosting an event drastically while simultaneously also reducing the energy required. 

4. Improved Metrics

 Since virtual trade shows take place over the internet, anyone from anywhere in the world can attend the show. Wider reach, increased accessibility, and reduced cost are some of the main features of a virtual trade show. All these features increase audience attendance which is essential for a successful event. Therefore a virtual trade show will help to increase the Metrics.

Virtual trade show: Best Ideas

1. Identify and pick the correct virtual platform to work with

Every platform has its own perks, thus identify the type of your event and pick the best platform for your event. This is the primary step when hosting any virtual event.

Compatibility with your objectives should be a priority when choosing your platform. Isolate your thoughts regarding the type of event and choose the platforms that offer solutions for your event.

Plan and draft everything to ensure that all features are available. Set a goal to attract providers who can offer you solutions for your event.

2. Decide What To Incorporate In Your Virtual Trade Show

To make sure the easy flow of the virtual trade show, finalise all the aspects of the show and lock the features that you want to include in your show.

All the plannings should align with the idea of your virtual trade show. The fact that “First Impression is the last impression”, makes it important to rethink and re-evaluate the features of your virtual trade show.

Here are some of the important features that need in your virtual trade show.

-Displaying branding & brand details on the booths

– Help connect the attendees with the exhibitors via conferencing

-Allowing attendees to submit their contact details directly to the exhibitors

-Displaying digital brochures, videos next to the exhibitor booths, etc.

3. Customisation

Virtual Booths may show a relatively reduced number of registration of the audience. Physical trade shows attract attendees to participate comparatively easily, thus incorporating all the elements of a physical trade show will make your virtual booth interactive and the Enhance participation and engagement of the attendees.

For event organisers, customizable booths is a blessing because it provides a wide range of options of customizable booths to your exhibitors thus increasing participation and engagement. Provide the option to customize booths that will attract exhibitors.

Some customization options you can offer are brand display, Logos, social wall, HD audio and video, sponsors, commercials, coupons, announcements, and much more in the booth display. A self-customized booth reflects the company and its products and services.

4. Sponsorship opportunities

Though self reliability is an amazing quality to have, we have to admit that self-funding takes a toll in our pockets. Sponsorships are a crucial part of any event. Sponsors are also known as revenue generators and carry the potential to give the event the best start possible.

Let the people know your sponsors as it will attract more audience. Share your event and tag your sponsors on social media. Scout for companies who are waiting to connect with the audience and appeal to them to work with you thus making your virtual trade show huge and successful.

Sponsors require spotlight to work with when a suitable opportunity is presented sponsors will acquire more exposure, when they acquire such exposure it opens possibilities for you to leverage these exposures and in turn benefit from it.

5. Provide Technical Support

24×7 Technical support. Virtual events are incomplete without technical support. There must be 24×7 technical support available for all the attendees before, during, and after the event.

Make a team help the attendees as well as the exhibitors in case of a technical problem. You may help the exhibitors design booths, providing and guiding them to use the tools to engage with attendees, resolving any issue (such as connection errors), and much more.

Clear contact details for all the attendees and exhibitors are a must-have for any event to resolve any issue immediately.

Trade shows are an excellent way of allowing businesses of all sizes, belonging to diverse industries, to promote their brand and showcase their offerings to a varied group of individuals. They provide you with an enormous opportunity to generate qualified leads and skyrocket your profits. But none of this is really profitable if it has to come at the cost of several resources and exhausting work .

Hence, virtual trade shows are now reframing the way businesses can maximize their profits and keep the environment healthy. And guess what? The opportunities are just beginning to blossom as your business is now growing beyond borders.