April 13, 2021

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Vodaphone eSIM Launched in India, Currently Limited To iPhone Users

Vodaphone eSIM

Vodafone is an Indian- international telecommunication brand; the users are from worldwide. Taking about India a few years back, it was the most trusted and used Simcard brand by the Indians. After the sudden coming of Jio and its strategy to supply free calling, unlimited data captured the whole market. Who will not buy a free Simcard, which provides six months of unlimited 4G speed? It was the brand to bring 4G into India. (Vodaphone eSIM )

Due to this, everyone got migrated from Airtel and Vodafone. All the potential consumers now had Jio’s sim in their smartphone. This created a drastic fall in the rates of prepaid and postpaid plans.

Vodafone and other telecoms have been dropping down their price and which lead to poor quality network. Now attract consumers back; they are coming up with a different approach to data plans and many other ways to expand their services.

As per the latest news by Vodofone, they came up with is the eSIM facility and its use on their limited headphones. As the digital India moment was on the rise, the fundamental step took in E-payment, everything is moving online, this may be a great way to drive sales.

Due to overcoming the Jio, Vodafone combined with the Idea and together came up with this eSIM. (Vodaphone eSIM )

About the eSIM

Vodafone and Idea’s combine eSIM is launched in only the latest devices. The service will only be activated in only postpaid holders.

The devices that will support the eSIM are the latest iphone11, iphone11 pro, iphone11 pro max, iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR and newly iPhone 5E.

They will expand it to other devices also such as in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold too as per the announcement.

For now, the service is available in specific regions such as in Mumbai, Gujarat, and Delhi.

as per the moto, Vodafone claimed that there is no need for a sim card in your phone to do calls and use data. eSIM will be integrated will all the complaints of mobile network operators in a sim chip. This will help users to call and access the data without any physical sim card in the headsets.

there will be no more manual activity as you can comfortably make calls, send SMS, and use the internet.

 For existing customers:

● Send SMS texting “eSIM<space>email id” to 199.

● If you have not registered your email from your phone number, send SMS typing “email<space>email” id to 199.

● You will receive an email, reply to ESIMY to confirm the eSIM request.

● After confirming, you will receive an SMS again to give content over a call.

● They will send you a QR code to your valid email.

● The device should be in on wifi or with data on during the process.

● To scan QR the code, go to setting and select mobile data and select add mobile data.

For new consumers:

It is also very easy for new members.

● Just visit the nearest service center for the activation of Vodaphone eSIM connection. carry an identity proof with a photo of yours.

● It will need your headset for QR scanning so prefer taking it with you. So it will be easy to scan the generated QR over your device just like an OTP.

● After the email with a QR is scanned successfully the after 2 hours, the eSIM will be activated.

With the eSIM, the iPhone can access more than one sim card to function, as they have inbuilt of a single slot. It is not new; the Jio has initiated it already. But it will not replace the traditional manual version even with a spike.

As the phone should be friendly with the feature of eSIM. As Samsung took made it in their galaxy fold, and apple came up in India with the momentum and with the launch of premium X series back in 2018.

Looking as per future prospective, the eSIM will grow steadily as people will understand and acquire the technology-related knowledge in the upcoming time. This will lead to the system’s demand, so it will push the supply and manufacturing chain to meet the consumer’s needs and awareness.

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