Wedding Checklist: Top 8 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Planner

Your wedding day is the most awaited personal event in your life. It’s all about commemorating you and your partner’s love. So it’s just rational that you’d want to hire a professional wedding planner you really want to have. Normally, when finding the best wedding planner, the first thing you must do is ask around for referrals, read wedding blogs, and swipe through magazines. The next step is to contact one and prepare for the consultation and have the essential face-to-face communication. However, before you meet up with your chosen wedding planner, it’s necessary that you prepare the right questions and details so that you obtain all the information you need to know in that short meeting. 

If you want to make the process smoother, we’ve organized the most important questions to ask your wedding planner before hiring them. It’s best that you closely assess them to make sure that they’re the right fit for you and your partner. 

1. What types of services do you provide (à la carte planning, month-of coordination, full-service planning)?

The types of services they have may not always be clear from their website, so it would be nice to ask for an in-depth explanation of the types of ways they can make your wedding amazing through their wedding planning. Having this information will make it easier for you to come up with a decision on what type of planner would suit you. For instance, if you’re the kind of person who likes to organize and likes to have more time to follow up, then you need someone for a coordination role. However, if you’re arranging a destination wedding, it would be best to work with a full-time planner who can handle the logistics for you. 

2. Will you be able to work within our budget? 

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Money is a crucial topic you need to discuss with your wedding planner. It may not be a fun topic to talk about especially if you have a strict budget to follow, but it’s very important for both of you and your planner to have a thorough discussion of the wedding budget as early as possible in the process. 

Asking this question will benefit you because it will open up the discussion about possible services they can offer you that suits your budget. For instance, if you really want to work with the planner but find their full-time service to be expensive, ask if they would like to do part-time planning or month-of coordinating for a lower fee instead. 

3. Will you be there on my wedding day? 

Your time should not be wasted if they won’t be able to be there on your chosen date. If the date of your wedding can be moved and you want to work with someone you really love, you may ask for several options so you can take them into consideration when you’re resolving your timeline. 

4. How many staff do you have that will be present at my wedding? 

Determine how many assistants, event stylists, and coordinators your planner will have on the day of your wedding so you can be guaranteed that everything will be under control. The final count of the day-of team relies on your wedding’s particular logistics, but they must tell you the number of staff members required for the usual wedding they work on. 

5. How many weddings have you worked on already? 

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Your wedding planner should have the experience you’re looking for when it comes to hiring a wedding planner. It would be amazing if you found out that they’ve also organized parties and corporate events, but it’s crucial to take note that those celebrations are not similar to nuptials. 

Weddings included a more personal and emotional feeling that other events don’t. If they’ve told you that they gained experience at a wedding under another planner, you may ask them about the weddings they’ve worked on and what their job was. 

6. Can you share with us the most unique wedding you ever planned? 

For you to get a sense of their style, you can ask them for specific details and photos of the most special weddings they’ve planned.

7. What do you do when you feel under pressure and how do you deal if things go wrong? 

Don’t miss to ask this question since it’s very important to know how your potential wedding planner would respond to pressure. You need to ask things like a foolproof backup plan, what they do to stay on top to prevent further problems, and the solutions they would do if unforeseen issues arise. What will they do to fix them? Make sure they will be able to take care of any of this on your wedding day. 

8. Can you provide me with references? 

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It’s important to get testimonials from recent couples they’ve work with and professionals also. You can ask for the names and contact info of the pros and couples they’ve recently worked with. Assess how they respond to the question because this will tell you a lot. They must not hesitate to provide you with those references and would even encourage you to reach out to them.

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