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What Is A Universal Remote – All That You Need To Know

What Is A Universal Remote

Have you heard about Universal remotes? Obviously, You may use the remote control for your TV, DVD players, Home theaters, Blue-ray players, etc. They are the original remote control for those devices when you buy a device and get along with the device. But What is about universal remote control? In this post, I am going to talk about universal remote control. What is it? how to use the remote? and all others you need to know.

What Is A Universal Remote?

A universal remote control is a remote where you can use the remote with more than one device of any branded device. For example, there are universal remotes are available that can control 2 or 3 devices of a different device type of different brands. That is, a universal remote can use along with a smart TV of the brand Samsung, and the same remote can also control a DVD player from the Sony brand, but you need to pair or program the remote control to the device that you are going to use along with. I hope you got the idea.

The cost of the universal remote is not as much as you expected because it can control so many devices. There is universal remote control available at a cheap rate as low as 5$ and the range extends up to more than 100$ based on the features and advancedness of the universal remote control.

Different Types Of Universal Remotes

There are so many types of universal remotes are available.

Normal universal remote control:- It’s a universal remote where it looks like a normal TV remote control. You can control the devices like TV, DVD players, Home theater, etc. The basic functions such as power on and off, volume change, Channel change, Mute, etc.

Device number type remotes:- They are also universal remotes where they can control more than one device. For example, there are GE universal remotes available where the variants are 3-device remote, 4-device remote, 6-device remotes, and 8-device remote control. Meaning, the remote control can program up to those number of device and can control all of those devices.

Smart and Advanced Universal remotes:- Smart and advanced universal remotes are those universal remotes that are easy to program and can control more than 5000 device brands and their lakh of device models. For example, Logitech harmony universal remote and Sofaaton u1 universal remotes can work with more than 5000 device brands. Almost all models are working with these remotes. And programming is so simple with the remote. You can make use of an application to pair devices to the advanced smart universal remotes.

Programming A Universal Remote

You need to program a universal remote to a device that you are looking for. For example, when you have a universal remote that needs to control an LG TV, then you should program that universal remote to LG TV in order to control LG TV using the universal remote control.

Programming universal remote control is not a difficult task. Based on the type of universal remotes, there are different types of programming methods. some universal remote needs to be program using a universal remote code. some other advanced universal remotes only require programming or pairing using a mobile application.

Programming A Universal remote with a code

A normal universal remote is programmed with a universal remote code. There will be a unique code provided by the universal remote manufacturer which is a 4 or 5 digit code in numerical. You need to program the universal remote to your device using the code. For example, there will be a code for a Philips universal remote code for programming it to Samsung TV. So you should use the code when programming universal remote to Samsung TV. There will be a separate code for each device brand and category. Code for Samsung TV is not a code for Sony TV. This method of programming called manual code entry method

Programming Universal remote without Code

Some of the universal remote allows you to program universal remote without code. The universal remote itself search the appropriate code from the code library and set it to the remote based on device brand and model number. This method of programming is called the auto code search method.

For example, you can program GE universal remote to TV without code, but the GE universal remote will scan all the codes on the code library and then will set to the remote control based on the TV brand. This kind of programming is so easy and is useful when you don’t know universal remote control codes.

Programming or pairing Universal remote using a smartphone app

Nowadays, advanced smart universal remotes can program or pair to a device using a smartphone application. A mobile application developed by the universal remote control company helps you to configure or pair your universal remote to any device using the app. So you should connect your device to the remote using a wifi network, or Bluetooth.


Here is the time to make a conclusion for the post. I hope you learned all about a universal remote. These are the basic things you need to know about the universal remote control. Nowadays, in very developed countries families are using a universal remote where the universal remote can work with almost all the devices. In the united states, most of them using the Sofabaton U1 universal remote control, where the universal remote can replace up to 15 device remotes. They use the same remote for almost all the devices.

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