April 13, 2021

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What Is The History Behind The Most Popular Italian Pizza?

Popular Italian Pizza

Many of the Italian dishes have their origin in the era when that first-ever historical event was recorded. But historians have suggested that it is far more ancient than this. (Popular Italian Pizza)

The History Of Italian Pizza

Before the creation of Italian food in the USA which is pizza; the Roman used to eat a very similar flatbread which was topped with different other tasty ingredients.

The Antiquity Era

The first-ever event recorded in history was more than 5000 years ago. This era is the period around the formation of the Roman Empire mostly consisting of the Mediterranean belt.

The Very First Pizza

Archeologists in the region of Sardinia found remains of a baked bread that dates backs almost 7000 years. This bread was further developed and made to rise in density.

The Word Pizza

In 997 AD the word pizza was used in the region of Gaeta and other southern and central parts of Italy. From there it spread first to other parts of the Mediterranean belt and then the rest of the world. 

In The 6th Century BC

When Persians came to invade Italy; they added their own twist by topping the pizza dough with dates and the local cheese. They used to cook it on their shields.

Plakous Similar To Pizza

The people of ancient Greece made pizza-like bread known as Plakous. The bread is topped with flavors and ingredients like garlic, onions, herbs, and cheeses.

Reference Of Jews Cooking Pizza

The Roman Jews made cookies that were similar to the pizza on the day of Passover. This was eaten when the Jews return from the synagogue after prayer.

Sweet Pizza In The 16th Century

The modern pizza that you can order from stores like Sogno Toscano had another sweet variation in the 16th century which was made of puff pastry. This was filled with sugar and other sweet ingredients.

Traditional Oven For Baking Pizza

The most traditional way of baking a pizza which is still being used in Italy and some other places around the world; is the stone brick ovens. Coal or wood is used as fuel and a long peddle is used to put the pizza inside.

Pizza An Italian food in the USA

When you look at a brief history of pizza you realize that the arrival of pizza in the US is very recent. Immigrants from Italy in the 19th century brought pizza with them. 

The Preparation Of Italian Pizza

There are basically three main ingredients that make a great Italian pizza. But the point to note is that the ingredients must be Italian and authentic. The baking tool is mentioned above; the following are the other items you need. (Popular Italian Pizza)

The Dough Of The Crust

The dough of the crust is important for any good pizza to be created. The crust can be thick and chewy or thin and crispy. 

Variety Of Toppings

Many people confuse the toppings with the cheese that will go on the top. These are two different things. Topping is the items that are on top of the crust other than the cheese.  

What Cheeses Are The Best?

As pizza is the best Italian food in the USA; so the use of cheese should also be the finest. The main cheese that goes on the top is mozzarella and others can be combined with it as well.