What You Should Know About Custom Pizza Slice Boxes?

Pizza Boxes

Pizza Boxes are an important part of Pizza. Pizza is my very favorite meal to share with my family and friends. Nothing beats a great plate of pasta with a slice of warm cheesy pizza. But sharing the meal with someone is not always a possibility. In fact, from those 3 billion pizzas, only 1 billion are delivered in a standard cardboard packaging box.

Why you Should Purchase Custom Pizza Boxes

That brings us to why should you purchase custom pizza boxes made from OXO Packaging right here in the USA. Our main business is helping companies worldwide get their products shipped to their customers in record time. We also offer other high-tech packaging options that help our clients succeed in international markets. This means that we will work hard to help you succeed with your packaging needs, no matter what the product is. If you’re in any way considering USA-based packaging, then we have just the thing for you.

Two Offer Kinds of Custom Pizza Boxes

First, custom cardboard pizza boxes. These are used most often when sending a regular pizza or pasta box overseas. They are lightweight and durable for shipping and re-contacting your product back home. When ordering these custom cardboard boxes online, you can request a custom quote for the exact amount of time you want your packaging to be handled.

Second, we offer custom printed cardboard pizza boxes. Just like the cardboard boxes, these are used most often when shipping your pizza to another country. The main difference between these two is that you can request a custom quote for any amount of time you want the packaging to be handled. Plus, you can have your logo or company name printed onto the box, and even have your address printed on it if you’d prefer. All this is possible if you order your custom printed pizza box online.

Pizza Boxes


One last option available for custom cardboard pizza boxes is to buy standard boxes made overseas, then have them shipped over here to your country. This might not be as economical as the custom boxes, but it could be much more cost-effective than buying a box in the first place. Plus, once your custom printed pizza box arrives at your door, you’ll be able to display it proudly in your kitchen.

Pizza Boxes

As you probably have guessed, custom printed boxes are usually cheaper than regular boxes. That’s because it costs companies extra to have an extra person working extra hours creating the custom box. With regular boxes, it all happens for you at the same time. Plus, most companies give you the choice of either custom printed or regular cardboard boxes. So, you get to choose which kind of box your custom printed pizza box should be.

Who Wants to Use a Box

While custom pizza slice boxes are generally cheaper than the ordinary ones, they’re not cheap enough that you should skimp on quality either. After all, who wants to use a box that didn’t come out the exact same size as what they ordered? Keep in mind that your custom pizza slice will be sitting on your counter-top for an extended period of time, so it’s very important that you get something that’s durable and sturdy. Make sure that the boxes you choose are thick enough to withstand being on your counter-top for any length of time. Also, check on the manufacturer’s reputation to see if there are any complaints pending against them.

Order Custom-Printed Pizza Cutters

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you’re ordering custom-printed pizza cutters. Take your time, read through the description, and choose according to your needs. Ordering online is often your best option because you can customize your order with whichever options you desire. The most important thing is to make sure you’re 100% happy with whatever custom cardboard boxes you choose for your pizza. If not, you’ll just have to order another one, and it won’t cost you as much money to do so.

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