October 1, 2022

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What’s the Actual Difference Human Hair Versus Synthetic Hair?

Human Hair Versus Synthetic Hair

Looking to revamp your hair or even add some volume or length, wear a wig to restore healthy natural hair? Then one thing that might have crossed your mind is wigs or extensions, however, buying wigs or extensions is not as easy and you may fall prey to cheap hair extensions. 

To avoid this, it is important to find out the differences between human hair and synthetic hair as well as pros and cons. 

The Differences

Human hair extensions as the name suggest is made from 100% virgin hair. The hair is collected from donors and turned into extensions. Upon collection, the hair is washed and treated. 

Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is made from a combination of several chemicals, but mainly consisting of synthetic fiber. The chemicals through the mechanical and chemical processes are blended to form a perfect fit depending on the quality, color, and texture. 

Some synthetic hair resembles the human hair, while those of lower quality have higher contents of the synthetic fibre. 


Synthetic hair has limited styling options, due to the tangling, and effect from heat. Constant washes and heat on synthetic hair will damage the hair. To retain a perfect style, consider purchasing already styled hair. For instance, curled synthetic hair may remain curled for longer. 

With human hair, you have unlimited styling options. Human hair can be washed, dyed, or curled.  


Synthetic hair is cheaper, with as low as $2 you can buy several pieces, while the higher quality synthetic hair may cost around $45. 

Human hair, on the other hand, is pricier and may cost up to $1000 and depends on the length of the extension or wig. 


Remember the popular saying? Cheap is expensive, this is also the case when it comes to hair. The synthetic hair lasts for about 3 to 6 months meaning you will require more pieces. 

While human hair may last for up to two years, human hair extension can withstand daily routines from washing to blow-drying without losing its original looks. Unfortunately, synthetic hair quickly tangles and loses its luster after several washes. 

Pros of Human Hair

  • It helps to add volume and length. 
  • Ideal for occasions
  • It helps in creating a  protective hairstyle 
  • The best thing is this human hair extension can also be colored without getting damaged.


  • Expensive, quality hair extensions are expensive
  • May damage the hair, when poorly installed, hair extensions may cause breakage or hair thinning. To avoid this always consult with a qualified hairstylist.
  •  Human hair extensions might weigh too much on the scalp and your natural hair. Instead, opt for fewer clip-ins to avoid any damage. 

Key Tips

For synthetic hair extensions to last longer, avoid heat and regular washing. 

Always store your hair extensions safely to maintain their original look.  

Quality hair extensions are an expensive investment; however, you don’t have to experience a bad hair day. With human hair extensions, you can have a stylish and quick hair updo. Synthetic hair though cheap may cost you more in the long run.