May 17, 2021

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Why Android Phone Spy Apps Are Becoming Popular?

Both adults and kids spend many hours online to interact with their friends and relatives, see movies and shows on YouTube, browse the internet, and share media on social media platforms. The instant messaging apps have become an integral part of our lives, but sadly, they have brought up real problems for individuals as well. (Android Phone Spy Apps)

Android Phone Spy Apps

Watching too much violent and harmful content can have a bad impact on your child’s personality. If your wife shares her private pictures and videos on social media apps, she could become prey to bullies and predators. 

Fortunately, modern software developers have come up with a powerful and reliable solution to resolve all these troubles—an android phone spy app that assists parents, spouses, and employers to track digital acts of their loved ones and employees. It helps them to keep eyes on them from a remote location without letting them know. 

Modern monitoring software lets parents know where their children are wandering, which places they explore mostly, and what sort of stuff they read or watch on the internet. You can also get to know about what they talk about with their peers or cousins on phone calls. 

TheOneSpy android spy tool offers exceptional features for its users such as GPS location tracking, call recording, website blocking, app or program blocking, and hearing the nearby sounds and chats, and many more. 

It is specifically designed to make parents’ lives easier and help them deal with modern parenting challenges. After you set-up the application on your child’s phone, you can spy on all his activities and feel confident that he is safe and sound while using his android device. (Android Phone Spy Apps)

Can The Spy Software Help Me Get Rid Of Unknown Calls?

Of course, just like other amazing features, it also has an incoming call blocking function that empowers you to put a full stop on all the annoying calls and enjoy free time with your dear ones or concentrate on your work. 

If you or someone closer to you is dealing with a squall of calls from stranger numbers, then it is definite that you want to prevent them from disturbing you. With the call blocking app, you can remotely restrict the incoming calls on android devices such as mobile phones and tablets. 

Is Call Blocking Tool Helpful For Parents Or Employers?

Parents want to shield their precious kids from the potential threats of this unsafe world. Evil guys normally approach innocent teens by making calls frequently and force them to talk to them. First, they win their trust with sweet chats, and then, they pressurize them to perform illegal acts. 

If you are observing that your kid is receiving numerous unwanted calls, you should help him by blocking those calls with the call blocker software. It will defend them from undesirable and strangers’ calls within no time. 

Bosses armed their staff with smartphones, computers, and other devices to use them for office-related purposes. However, personnel can take advantage of them for personal needs. 

So, to stop them from enjoying incoming and outgoing private calls on your organization’s systems, you should rely on the call blocking app. To enhance their performance, you can restrict calls from your customers or clients in the work hours. 

What I Can Do With The Call Blocking Tool?

  • Block incoming phone calls of persecutors and oppressors on your device
  • Restrict calls of people whom you don’t know personally
  • Get rid of calls of pranksters and predators 
  • Get to know about if your children are attending stranger calls and what they are conversing about
  • Grab information about if your team is investing time on personal or work-related calls
  • Use the Android phone spy app web control panel to block the incoming and outgoing calls of your spouse


In this hi-tech age, it’s pretty hassle-free to track someone’s android phone and block incoming calls. The spy software makes parental controlling and employee tracking convenient for you. With its help, you can protect your loved ones and prevent your staff from cheating on you.