Why Barber Software Is An Essential Part Of Barber Shop?

Barber Software

The good news is that the software is now being used by an increasing number of barbershops. They have understood that the needs of the clients can’t be met without the use of Barber Shop Management Software. The amazing features of the software have won the hearts of Baber shops and clients. It easily manages online appointment booking, transactions, customer service, and many more things. The most important thing for the success of the business is that it provides valuable insights into the business. The other good fact is the industry of software supporting online appointment booking is expected to be 764 million dollars in the next four years.

This means that more barbershops are going to offer online booking in the future. The software can act as a point of sale, CRM provides marketing tools, and many more for the success of a business.

Process of Barber Shop Software Setup:

The set-up of this software only takes 15 minutes. There is no specific code that is required to start the setup. At the time of sign up you have to enter the following details:

  • The type of business you are running
  • The kinds of services your business is offering
  • Details of the staff
  • Hours set up

After the details of the easy setup, it is important to know what this software is going to do for the barbershop.

Advantages Of The Barbershop Software:

There are some exceptional benefits of Wellyx about which no one can think of before the development of this software. These benefits have a huge positive impact on the growth of a business.

1.    64% Of New Bookings:

The most important reason to use this software is to increase bookings.

·         It Keeps Business Open 24×7:

The major issue which clients face in appointment booking is the working hours of the business. Some people will be unable to get to the barbershop in time for their appointment. It is also a competitive advantage over those shops that only provide a booking within working hours. Appointments booking gets increase by 43% if you provide clients with an opportunity of booking after working hours.

·         Automatic Rebooking Reminders:

This software automates the booking process of the business and also rebooking reminders. As a result, even if they don’t want to think about it, clients will visit you sooner. This feature increases the chances of rebooking by 30%.

·         Meets Clients Anywhere They Are:

This means through whichever medium the clients are reading about the business they can book an appointment. Whether it’s social media, website, or pages to google business listing.

·         It brought business to the digital marketplace:

This software familiarizes your business to those people who are searching for this kind of business. At retail marketing, there is a possibility of finding 200-300 new customers. But in the digital market, there is a possibility of finding thousands in one day.

2.    Source Of Generating More Revenues:

Every business has a key purpose of generating revenues that software can increase.

·         86% Reduction In No-Shows:

There is nothing hidden in it that cancellations have risen due to an increase in a pandemic. The software automatically sends reminders in the form of texts and emails 24 hours before the appointment.

·         Supports Multi Services And Packages:

Good software must be capable of increasing profits. This allows clients to book multiple services at the same time. This makes multi-service booking convenient for a barbershop. In the same way, the software helps in offering packages. It increases the total volume of the sales.

3.    Capable Of Providing Better Customer Experience:

The software helps in providing flawless customer service in multiple ways:

  • Online scheduling
  • Barbershop software works as a customer relationship management software.

·         Personalized Services:

The software provides access to the detailed history of clients, dates of their special occasions, and favorite products. Due to this, it is possible to provide a personalized and memorable service every time. The purchase intention will be more than 80% for brands that ensure personalized services.

·         Maintenance Of Healthy Relationships Through Emails:

You can, for example, send personalized birthday and anniversary messages to clients via email. It’s time to strengthen the relationship through customized emails. These emails make them know that you care.

4.    Valuable insights of the barbershop:

The software’s reporting tools can provide you with useful information. They can, for example, inform you about:

  • The most popular services sold.
  • Details of rebooking and cancellation of appointments.
  • The list of loyal customers.

Packing It Up!

Investing in software is a critical decision for any barbershop. The demand for online booking has increased. Many barbershops have already started offering online bookings. The trend of online booking is going to increase in the future. Therefore, those barbershops which still don’t have this software need to think about it. The trends are showing that survival is completely dependent on the usage of the software.

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