Why Checking Your Tyres Before MOT is Important?

Your tyres are the most important and have many beneficial properties as well. Tyres play the role of providing safety to the driver, supporting the car weight, creating the only contact between the road, and improving the overall performance of your vehicle. It is highly essential to maintain the health of your tyers to keep them fit. Because healthy tyres are said to improve the condition and quality of the ride. Without a doubt, if you get your tyres regularly serviced, they can never be the reason for you to fail at your MOT Redditch test. Not only this, your tyres can turn out to be a great asset for you if you pay proper attention to their conditions. Your tyres are given importance because they remain the most common reason for road accidents, mishappening, and various dangerous instances. So, it becomes even more important to get your tyres inspected routinely. 

Your car tyres are composed by putting together various elements, so properly functioning all the internal compounds is important. So, make sure your tyer is in perfect health, you must know about the various parts of the tyer like- rim, beads, fillers, sidewall. Any one of these parts getting damage can damage the whole tyre. Professionals say, getting your tyres serviced is as important as getting your car repaired. This can be beneficial before going for your MOT test, servicing increases the chances of passing the test in one go. MOT- regulated Ministry of transport and is a mandatory inspection test for drivers with vehicles older than 3 years old. If you own a vehicle that is older than 3 years, it is crucial for you to get your car’s MOT test to check whether or not your vehicle is roadworthy. Although MOT is not a detailed inspection the test is done to check the working condition of your vehicle. Only a fit vehicle passes the test because all the parts responsible for providing safety are checked thoroughly. Your tyres can be a major reason for failing the MOT test because according to the result and surveys, tyres are the second most common reason for MOT failure. 

Inspect your tyres properly have many advantages, like passing the MOT in one hit, increased tyre life, improves the performance of your vehicle, provides more safety, and most of it, provides a comfortable ride. Carrying out a proper maintenance check is very simple, doesn’t take much time and even money. 

So, here are certain things to check in your tyres- 

Air Pressure – 

Your tyres are filled with compressed air and this air provides the cushioning effect to the tyres. the cushioning in the tyres makes it easy for them to run on different surfaces with a stable balance. It also absorbs the shocks from the road before they reach the passengers. An essential point to remember is that air pressure in your tyres should be according to the manual. Perfectly inflated tyres improve your tyre condition, increases comfort, and improve the quality of the ride.

While under or overinflated tyres, reduces the performance and even causes wear and tear that decreases the tyre life. Also, such conditions lead to tyre separation and tyre blowouts especially in summers due to increased temperature. 

Condition of the Tyres- 

You must make sure that your tyers do not show any signs of damage. If you notice your tyres have cuts or bulges, you should immediately change them. It is recommended to always buy good quality Tyres Redditch as they are more durable and have a better rubber compound that lasts longer than cheap tyres. 

Tread Depth- 

Tyres tread is the actual part that connects with the road and helps in maintaining firm grip and traction for swift motion on the road. The tread of your tyres wears out as it is a consequence of driving, but there are many factors that act as a catalyst in wearing out and reduces the life of your tyers. Such as- misaligned wheels wear out faster, unbalanced tyres cause uneven wear and tear, driving fast causes your tyres to wear out faster than normal. This means, you should not only inspect your tyres but also check the condition of your tread to make sure, there is enough depth to still run the tyres. If the tread depth of your tyres goes below 1.6mm, you should immediately replace your tyres. Excessively worn-out tyres lose their ability to sustain proper grip and increase the chances of skidding and slipping in wet road conditions. 

Yes, your tyres play a major role in providing safety which is why taking utmost care of them is crucial. Healthy tyres ensure your safety while driving. 

Your tyres are not the only parts that are checked in the MOT test, there are several other – 

Your car must be clean – 

Motorists do not pay much attention to cleaning their vehicle from inside, but you should. You can literally fail your MOT because of an untidy car. 

Windshield – 

The front mirror of your car should be clean, there shouldn’t be any stickers pasted on the driver’s side of the view. 


All the lights, brakes, heads, and indicators should be properly working. MOT failures are most commonly caused by lights, which may be easily prevented by checking all lights ahead of time. Check that they aren’t loose or broken and that the colours are accurate and match.

The windscreen washers are functional, and the wipers show no signs of wear or damage, such as splitting.

By properly taking good care of your vehicle, you can pass the MOT test without failing. This will save you money, time, and a lot of energy. By getting your car serviced beforehand is a smart idea, you can get done with your repair and your MOT Redditch exam. If needed you can replace the tyres while getting your car serviced as passing your MOT with new pair of tyres is very easy. 

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