Why is Pre-Terminated Cabling Best Option for Data Center?

Data Center

Data centers are one of the most important areas or places for organizations and offices. This is the working unit’s resource center, which helps them operate efficiently while providing the best quality service to their consumers or target population. Managing the data center in an organized manner is crucial to avoid the tangling of cables. Using pre-terminated cabling in the data centers has emerged as a great trend to boost the organization.

What is pre-terminated cabling?

Pre-terminated cabling is not a new concept for modern society. It has been in use in countries like the United Arab Emirates for the past few years, but it is only now that it is getting the attention of the wider population. Pre-terminated cabling is the one which is manufactured in the factories, and connectors having modular components are already attached to it.

Feel free to explore this article if you are also curious about why pre-terminated cabling is the best option for the data centers.

Top 8 Reasons to opt For Pre-Terminated Cabling in Data Centers

One of the biggest issues most people face during the installation process of cables is fixing the connectors. One wrong move can ruin the whole cable system and cause loss of data as well. Therefore, pre-terminated cabling is becoming popular as it saves people from the additional hassle.

The following are the top reasons to opt for pre-terminated cabling in the data centers.

1. Rapid Deployment

Field terminated cabling is one of the most complex installation systems. It is also quite time-consuming. On the other hand, pre-terminated cabling offers rapid deployment to the users. They just have to unpack the cabling and install it without any additional hassle. Still, some people who are not much familiar with cabling installation hire the service of structured cabling UAE based companies to ensure a smooth, error-free, and reliable installation process.

2. Fewer Troubleshooting Issues

In the case of field terminated cabling, the work is not done with the completion of the installation procedure. It requires troubleshooting and testing at numerous points to ensure a smooth transfer of data. On the other hand, pre-terminated cabling is the best option for your data center because it does not require frequent troubleshooting and testing.

3. Reduced Downtime

One of the most important reasons that a pre-terminated cabling system is the best choice for your data center is that it offers reduced downtime. You may want to grow the data center or make business decisions that require shifting. Having pre-terminated cabling will help you shift the system in a limited time.

4. Controlled and Consistent Performance

The pre-terminated cabling system provides controlled and consistent performance, which is the ideal support for data centers. The already available connectors play an important role in this regard as they ensure a smooth transfer of data.  It also optimizes the speed of data transfer, which ensures quality service.

5. No Need for Rework

One of the greatest issues with the field terminated cabling is that it requires cleaning the ports and connectors, disturbing the whole connection. On the other hand, in the pre-terminated cabling system, there is no need to separate the connectors while cleaning. It saves the rework as the cleaners do not have to separate and reinstall or assemble the cables.

6. Emergency Restoration Facility

One of the key benefits of using a pre-terminated cabling system in the data centers is that it offers an emergency restoration facility. In case there is an emergency like a fire eruption, you can easily unplug the cables from the systems. You can also pack the cables in no time, as it does not involve a complex de-installation procedure.

7. Reduction in Cleanup Time

Another important reason to use pre-terminated cabling in the data centers is that it has reduced cleanup time. In the case of field terminated cabling, it requires cutting the cables, joining connectors, which creates piles of waste. On the other hand, pre-terminated cabling comes without the hassle of clean up and significantly reduces waste.

8. Flawless Cable Management

One of the key issues in data centers is managing the cables. It requires professional skills and expertise. Pre-terminated cabling provides great support by offering flawless cable management. However, if you are not familiar with cables, do not take any risk. Hire the service of telecommunication companies in UAE and enjoy the perfect installation and flawless cable management with maintenance services that will boost your data center’s functioning.

Key points to consider in the planning phase!

Installing pre-terminated cabling also requires planning before installation. So, you should consider these areas while finalizing your plans.

  • Architecture & Configuration
  • Cabling Media
  • Migration & Scalability
  • Pathways
  • Cable Runs

If you are concerned about any cabling issue or facing any challenges, do not act rashly as it can damage the whole connection. Get in touch with experts to get the best advice or support and maximize your benefits.

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