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Why Not Try The Traditional Muslim Nikah Cake This Year

Traditional Muslim Nikah Cake
Traditional Muslim Nikah Cake

A Nikah Cake is an important part of Muslim weddings in the UK and around the World. The cakes are small, sweet, and symbolic. Traditionally, they are made by the bride’s family and friends in the honor of the groom’s parents.

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As a result, it’s difficult to find good quality UK Nikah Cakes these days. Many local cake makers have moved from producing the original, homemade cakes to mass-produced, cookie-cutter cakes for wedding guests. The result? The cakes look the same, but they don’t taste the same!

A professional cake designer might be able to produce a bespoke cake with individual ingredients that taste amazing. But, for everyday use, it’s best to get yourself a good bakery that can supply you with beautifully-made standard cakes.

The first wedding that I attended was from a very traditional, Islamic family in London. I’d heard that the bride’s family had commissioned a bakery to make a special cake for their daughter as an achievement for her getting married. So, needless to say, the day was great fun. The cake was a huge, multi-layered, multi-colored creation made in the shape of a lavish horse with all its equipment.

Nikah Cakes

The bride’s friends and family tried their best to cut off each other’s fingers as they carved the meat and fed the Nikah cakes to the guests. The sight was awesome! The main course at the reception was a plate of wonderful fruit, vegetables, cheeses, crackers, and other sweets.

For dessert, the cake was served with a selection of filling between its three-round slices. It was served to me with such tender loving care that my husband couldn’t resist taking a bite himself!

So, why should you choose a non-maker for your wedding cake? There are many reasons. Firstly, if you are going for the traditional Jewish wedding service, then the bride and groom have chosen the kosher cake to symbolize the unity between them and their new home.

You should also bear in mind. that there are certain traditions attached to the wedding ceremony.

which is not carried through if you are not practicing a Jewish wedding. So having a non-maker of your cake means that you are free to choose whatever design or style of cake you like best and have it prepared by someone who does so as part of their trade as a Jewish baker.

There are two types of cakes in particular that are made in London. They are Kabbalah cakes and Kabbalah veggie cakes. Kabbalah is a term for Jewish belief that originated in ancient Israel. This belief concerns the five books of the Torah, the universe, the world, the soul, and the mind.

According to Kabbalah. the universe is filled with energy light and matter. Everything that we know about the physical world, the human body included, is a reflection of the spiritual world, the soul, and the mind.

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The Kabbalah veggie cake is not traditionally seen as being particularly great tasting or attractive. This is because it is traditionally made with fruits and vegetables. that are considered to be closer to the food we eat on a daily basis than a traditional cake would be. This is why the Kabbalah wedding cake has become increasingly popular in London, as it represents a clean alternative to the traditional Jewish wedding cake.

One of the most common uses for the Kabbalah cake is to symbolize the Jewish belief that marriage should be sanctified by a bloodline, as well as the fact that the wedding cake must not contain any form of yeast or sugar.

Once you have decided to buy the cake from a bricks-and-mortar store, you will need to find somewhere suitable to display or place it on your own front door. A good place to find Kabbalah cakes would be the local supermarket or Marks and Spencers store. Another choice could be a Jewish book shop or cafe.

The Internet is a great place to find Kabbalah cakes, but you have to make sure that they are genuine. There are some suppliers who will tell you that the cakes are genuine and then produce fake ones in order to sell them to you.

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