October 1, 2022

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Why The Type Of Clothes Hangers You Use Actually Matters

Cloth hangers are a daily necessity for those who like their dresses crinkle-free. And we might be taken aback if we tell you that it does matter in what type of hanger you are hanging your clothes in.

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Most Clothes Hangers Are Pocket-Friendly and Available Readily

Probably one of the reasons for hangers not getting enough consideration is that they are so easily available and pocket-friendly. Yes, we swoon over the cheap coat hangers available in a pack of 6 or 12 is because they are affordable and super convenient.

But hangers if designed improperly, like the cheap, plastic ones have some downsides too. Let’s check those out.

The Downsides of Plastic Clothes Hangers

  • Plastic hangers have a shorter life span and quite flimsy to use. One may find it difficult to hang heavy clothes on these.
  • The shape of your clothes is not maintained well with these and as a result, the lifespan of a clothing shortens.
  • There are high-chances that you will have plastic hangers of various styles and colours, which creates a disorganised look in your wardrobe.

But premium quality plastic hangers like the adult swivel hangers are a great choice. They have 360° rotating swivel hooks, along with separate hooks for ties and scarves.

The Downsides of Wire Clothes Hangers

  • Wire hangers are difficult to use in the long run. They have high chances of getting bended, that reduces their lifespan.
  • They are not an ideal option for long-term storage of clothes, when it comes to maintaining garment shapes.
  • Wire hangers will rust eventually and end up damaging the clothes.
  • Clothes are also prone to slip off more from the wire clothes hangers.

Why Are Wood Cloth Hangers Better Than the Rest?

Plastic and wire hangers are always there as cheap alternatives, but what would be better for your clothes? Wood cloth hangers, any day! But why so?

  • They are firm and do not bend. They keep your garment structure intact.
  • They last a lifetime, thus increases its value and makes it cost effective.
  • They look classier than wire and plastic hangers.
  • The small bends in the hangers keeps the clothing secured and they are less likely to slip off the hanger every now and then. The non slip coat hangers are an efficient option too.

Are All the Wood Hangers That We See Around Equal?

Oh no, never. A set of wooden hangers at your local store sold at attractive rates may be a lot better than the wire hangers that are flimsy, but be careful. Those wooden hangers are definitely not the best.

The design quality of hangers and the wood, both are key factors that you should be concerned about. A harder wood used to construct a wooden hanger would provide much durability and more strength.

How to Maximise the Life of Garments with Wooden Hangers?

Premium hardwood clothes hangers work great for most clothing types. They provide an ideal storage solution for your clothes and help keep your wardrobes clutter-free.

Since clothes don’t slip off wooden hangers every now and then, you need not put effort ironing your clothes of unwanted wrinkles and creases.

Costly clothing items like designer dresses, formal suits or even wedding attires can cost up to a thousand dollars, and I am sure your heart misses a beat if they slip off the hanger. Even a relatively cheaper clothing piece of about a $100 or so, deserves to be well-stored to get the best out of it.

Make Your Wardrobe or Dressing Room Look Classy with Wood Clothes Hangers

Have a classy, wood toned dressing room? Then, do not let the cheap, colourful plastic hangers ruin the aesthetics. Don’t let the wire hangers ruin it either.

Hardwood clothes hangers, be it the regular, walnut-finish, oak-finish or mahogany-finish, add the right amount of class to your dressing room. These may be a little addition to your closet, but you will be amazed to find the look that these bring to your wardrobe.

Limit Your Hanger Clutter

Just like packaging materials, shopping bags, bottles and similar products that we find difficult to discard, years of shopping and dry cleaning will add one more thing to your declutter list, clothes hangers.

When you are offered the free wire or plastic hanger to bring back home, just reject politely. The person opposite you definitely won’t mind, rather will be a little happy that a hanger will be saved.

It will be a small gesture on your behalf and on the global whole (reduction of carbon footprints) by rejecting hangers and other similar products that you would not require.