April 13, 2021

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Why We Use Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops
Why we use Marble Countertops

Spent your share of your time loving the rich veining and majestic depth of Marble Countertops. There’s a reason several noted sculptures and works of art are fabricated from or incorporate marble: its beauty makes it a piece of art all by itself.

 Many designers encourage owners to limit the employment of marble to low-traffic zones, like chair rails, facet tables, perhaps a rest room vainness at the foremost, as a result of the scratch- and stain-prone nature of this common stone creating it appear impractical for such a busy application. This is often unfortunate.

Here’s the answer once it involves marble:

You can use marble within the kitchen countertops, as long as you’re ready to commit a touch of diligence. Once it requires maintenance or a perspective shift once it involves the imperfections caused by lifestyle. If this is often acceptable, then yes, you’ll have those white marble room countertops that you’ve continuously unreal.

History of marble:

For centuries, marble has been a trademark of luxury and tradition. From design to design, marble is a perfect artifact since it’s capable of bearing colossal weight. Think about all those gorgeous marble columns in ancient architecture! A marble could be a metamorphic stone, created once a stone is subject to monumental amounts of warmth and pressure over long periods of your time. The temple in athens, greece, the taj mahal in the asian nation, and the monument in washington, d.c. Were all made with marble and considered a number of the foremost gorgeous buildings and structures within the world.

Characteristics of Marble Countertops:

 The same factors that create marble excellent for sculpture and sensible alternative applications may make it a lot prone to scratching, etching, or staining. Meaning marble countertops will scratch and scuff a lot merely than alternative surfaces within the  Leesburg countertops, like granite or quartz.

 Styles of marble:

 Although white marble is the realm of natural stone. Marble comes during a broad variety of shades, from daring forest inexperienced to cool down tropical blue to earthy cypress brown animal skin.

These are two main styles: carrara and calacatta.

1. Carrara marble:

 Carrara marble, typically a lot of budget-friendly possibilities, has subtle veining usually, disposing a lot of gray and silver undertones to the whole stone. With less dramatic variation within the completely different segments, carrara typically contains many uniform looks, though you’ll typically realize slabs with a lot of affected veins.

2. Calacatta marble:

 Calacatta marble vogue is a lot dramatic and opulent, excellent for a fire surround or statement  white marble countertops island. 


 Polishing marble can provide that painting gloss that highlights the intense whites and sparkle of the stone. This is often the only common possibility. As a result, it offers the stone an expensive look and is simpler to wash. However, polished marble will show streaks, scuffs, scratches, and etches a lot. Therefore your marble might show the wear and tear of your Marble Countertops a lot quicker.


 Honed marble contains a matte end that varies from fully flat to semi-matte, which could be a bit a lot of forgiving once it involves scuffs and scratches, and Whereas honed countertops might hide scratching, it conjointly makes the stone a lot porous and prone to stains and needs a lot of frequent re-sealing.


 The final possibility, leathering, offers marble many natural feels, with a varying texture that mimics natural stone movement – excellent to emphasize the straight-from-the-earth aesthetic. Like honed stone, hard stone won’t show watermarks, fingerprints, or scratches as quickly; but, the small valleys enable liquids to gather, increasing the possibilities of staining and etching.

 Marble maintenance:

 Designers check with marble because of the “blue jeans of countertops”. They show the wear and tear and tear of life. However, that’s conjointly what offers them their character.


 Meaning marble countertops will scratch and scuff a lot merely than alternative surfaces, like granite or quartz in the Marble Countertops. Marble is additionally a porous stone. Therefore it’s a lot at risk of staining thanks to harsh improvement merchandise or acidic liquids.