Why You Should Buy Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres

Around wintertime, many automotive publications begin to remind people that it might be a good time to buy new winter tyres for their vehicles. However, it is still common to hear that some people believe all-season tyres can outperform winter tyres.

Simple tests have exposed a surprising difference between all-season and winter tyres. It should be clear that using winter tyres is much safer, mainly in freezing temperatures. Some experienced drivers know how important it is to have a set of winter tyre, but still, a significant part of them refuse to use them.

Winter tyres are designed in a way to suffice the needs and requirements of vehicles in low temperatures with the changing terrains. Therefore, one must understand the engineering behind these car tyres online and use them when the season is here.

Also known as snow tyres, winter tyres can help improve your car’s performance, as well as driving safety, handling and grip, on snowy and wet surfaces. So, in this article, we are going to explain why winter tyre is so important and how they can enhance your ride.

What exactly are snow tyres?

Rain, mud, snow, wet leaves, black ice: the winter season brings a lot of hazards. Snow tyres were designed especially for this time of the year, they improve handling and driving safety. But first, let’s learn what winter tyre do and why they are so important.

Snow Tyres, All You Need This Winter

Winter tyres offer optimum grip and traction in most weather conditions, especially in chilly conditions. They were built with narrow cuts (sipes), along with softer compounds and deeper grooves. These characteristics help disperse snow and water. That allows the tyre to roll around – enhancing contact and grasp with the surface.

You can easily identify a snow tyre by a snowflake symbol located at the side. Keep in mind that tyres do not have this symbol. Are marked with these two letters: M and S are not proper snow tyres.

Benefits of Snow Tyres

Winter tyres perform better in temperatures below seven degree Celsius and contrary to what people think, they outperform traditional summer and all-season tyres for cornering grip, braking and traction, no matter whether or not there is ice or snow. Thanks to the sipes all-around winter tyre. They can provide enough grip and control, even when streets are packed with snow.

In these kinds of conditions, two-wheel vehicles fitted with snow tyres are safer and more reliable than 4×4 cars with summer tyres.

What are the regulations with winter tyres?

Snow tyres are not compulsory in the United Kingdom. Just a small proportion of car drivers use them, and they generally live in remote areas. Nevertheless, in other parts of Europe, it is quite different. For instance, in Sweden, snow tyres are mandatory from December until March. In Austria, people must use the, at least from November until April, otherwise, they can face €5,000 fines. We recommend always checking your local regulations before travelling to stay safe and legal.

How much do you need to pay for winter tyres?

As with everything, the price you will need to pay for the winter tyres brand can vary significantly. Depending on your wheel and car size. Overall, they can be more costly than summer or all-season tyres.

However, even though the winter tyre tends to be more expensive, remember that as a result, your set of summer tyres can last longer as they are not going to be used during winter. Plus, while you may have to pay a lot upfront.

The long-term benefits of snow tyres will make up for it.

Fitting snow tyres do not affect your auto insurance, but you can double-check directly with your supplier.

Now that you are well aware of all the different reasons why you must install winter tyres in your vehicle during the season, make sure to get the most suitable set of winter tyre from a trusted garage today.

Look out for expert suggestions and ongoing offers as well before finalizing the purchase of tyre set for your vehicle this winter. We know snow causes too slippery surfaces during this time that’s why the use of winter tyres is must and important.

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