October 16, 2021

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Yoga: A Bodily Demand To Live Long For Everyone


In this pulverous life, when we have no time to see our family, relatives, friends, and even not able to pay attention to our health. We tend to think upon that very soon we can attempt to manage the schedule to include physical exercise in daily activity, but every time we get failed.

Today almost all people of every age are suffering from any of the diseases and might lose their lives when they find no treatment or else could not afford them. Many of us still do not know that we can cure and prevent anybody from suffering by just performing something special for our bodies at our homes. 

This is Yoga by which you can prevent any primary disease and even cure very own problems. The origin of the word is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘YUJ’ which means union. It unites our soul, mind, and body. A male yoga practitioner called Yogi, and a female practitioner is called Yogini.

The Indian approach to Yoga is based on religious faith, and people do it for the sake of earlier sages and today’s monks, like an obligation. Still, all this was limited to Gurukuls or spiritual schools. The western approach to Yoga is not similar to the former. The introduction of Yoga to the European world was for need.

Through this blog, I shall bring the concept of doing Yoga in light and discuss what financial support can do in the context.

Origin of yoga

We already cross with its derivation and it was first developed by ascetics who were primarily living in the southern part of India. They studied the essence of Mother Nature, animals, and the value of our relation to them.

The different postures we act while performing yoga were hugely inspired by the animal kingdom and their habits that were very helpful to bring grace, strength, and wisdom into it. They observed and lived close to nature and discovered what they could do to the earth.

Many disciplines were introduced to remark the yoga postures. A long series of postures developed to keep the body lithe and make it capable to endure long periods of firmness.


This is a prevalent interpretation of Yoga that it is performed only for fitness and exercise, which is wrong. People often interpret it as a regular form of physical activity that can be done at any place without much concentration.

And an added misconception is that the Asanas we do while doing Yoga are simply body movements and generic poses that are very complex to perform and make the body flexible.

To explore this misconception, one can assert that, of course. Postures do make our body supple as Yoga contains those movements like stretching and some acrobatic styles. But that does not mean it takes your body to the pliant point and nothing related to health or fitness.

Because Yoga and its asanas are much more than a willowy exercise which provides only strength while the former includes strength and an extreme sense of valor in its performer.

Yoga: from art to training

In the western world, Yoga was introduced somewhere in the 19th and 20th centuries, of course by few Indian practitioners, and later spread all over the region and went beyond to the USA. At its beginning, it benefitted almost all, and it achieved great success on sight.

The commercialization of the practice of Yoga was begun to make it more appealing to the public and impact their lives. It transitioned from an art to a training session, and that paved the way for many to earn money on its name.

It has its consequences, and it should not be performed with a specific intention or wrong idea if done then may face extremely dangerous results. People must recognize their expensive value and maintain their decorum.

Which type of yoga right for you?

Each yoga posture is different from another in many aspects. Every yoga posture has its uses and effects, targets special organs or parts of the body and stabilizes the sense of its activity. The right type of Yoga can be made suitable by knowing its explanation and performing way.

You need to define the problem you have and relate it with the asserted cause and treatment given in the yoga book and then perform accordingly. Very soon, you will acquire the desired results.

Financial aid

There is a provision of 24-hour loans available in Ireland with supporting the idea of being not indulged in commercialization. What all should be done only to imparting solutions and a healthy way to live their lives, loans can be easily accessed to cover these actions.


Although I have acclaimed that the commercialization in this field has really destroyed its absolute meaning, and now it is more become a medium to earn money. But not all intentions are the same and linger on the process of earning money.

Some people do it and encourage others to live free from body sufferings and remain healthy till the last breath.