10 Checklist of Best Quality Dry Fruits to Enhance Your Health

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are essential to the daily diet because of their amazing nutritional and healthy properties. Everyone is stressing hard about including Dry fruits in their daily fitness regime because of its numerous benefits. Dry fruit suppliers in India provide the best quality dry fruits at reasonable prices, which makes them even more demanding.

The Right Way to Buy Dry Fruits

However, while buying dry fruits from the supplier, one must keep in mind some of the checklist points. These checklist points are necessary to ensure you are procuring healthy dry fruits and not being tricked into buying something of less quality. The following are some of the ten checklist points to take care of while purchasing dry fruits in India.

1) Well Known Seller-

One of the first and very obvious ways of checking the quality of dry fruits is the seller. You should always buy dry fruits from well-known sellers who provide you with the best quality. Their performance and feedback in the market are also very positive, making them one of the best choices when buying dry fruits.

2) Freshness-

The next checkpoint is knowing about the freshness of the dry fruits you will buy. You should always check the date of procurement and how much time they have been stored with the seller. The storage time should also be low to get the best quality and freshness. Dry fruit wholesalers will also be informed about the storage time and freshness while selling them.

3) Packaging-

Packaging is crucial for the longer shelf life of any food product. If the packaging is done in a very poor way, then it can directly affect the quality of the products being supplied. Hence, always checking the quality of the packaging materials is also important to know about the quality of the dry fruits. Air-tight packaging is generally the preferred way for dry fruits to make them stay intact, fresh, and flavourful for a longer duration.

4) Market Research-

When you want to buy dry fruits at a wholesale rate or quantity, knowing about the rates prevailing in the market is important. It would help if you enquired about the prices from all the sellers to know the average price range and quality. You can then bargain and set the price that suits both of you.

5) Reviews and Ratings-

When buying dry fruits online, one of the best ways to know about the quality is by checking the real customer reviews and Feedback. Reading the reviews and feedback will also help you make an informed decision.

6) Color and Appearance-

The next checkpoint is looking at the colors and overall appearance of the dry fruits. The almond wholesaler will show you some of the dry fruits for samples. You should examine the color and appearance closely to know about the quality. If the dry fruits’ color is dark or even faded, you should wait to buy them. You should also not buy the ones with some black spots or other appearances on them.

7) Rates-

You should always buy dry fruits with the average rates prevailing in the market. This sentence will sound controversial, but it’s really true. When you buy dry fruits at very cheap rates, you are likely to be cheated by the dry fruit wholesalers. Hence, always buying in the medium range is important for procuring quality.

8) Tasting Dry Fruits-

One of the easiest ways to know about the quality of dry fruits is to taste them, and you will instantly know about their quality. Please take some dry fruit samples from trusted seller to see the quality first.

9) Moisture Content-

Checking the moisture content will help you know about the shelf life of dry fruits. When dry fruits have moisture content, their shelf life could be better, and there is a high chance of dry fruits becoming stale in less time. You can tap on the packaging and try to squeeze it a little bit, and if you find some moisture content, then it’s safe to say that you should not be buying them.

10) Ingredients-

You can check the ingredients mentioned on the dry fruits package to learn about their quality and authenticity. Ingredients should be natural; if any kinds of preservatives are mentioned, you should avoid buying such dry fruits. Above are some checklist points to consider before buying from a dry fruit supplier in India. The health benefits of dry fruits are very high; hence, you should include them in your daily fitness regime.

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