Calorie Free Cakes For Your Mom On Mother’s Day

Calorie Free Cakes

Well, the time is approaching where we celebrate motherhood and that is also including all the motherly figures around us as well. The Mother’s Day gifts are not that hard to find but if you want to get something healthy then you can always choose the option of calorie-free cakes this year. 

If you are far from your mother just get her online cake delivery in Bangalore and just remind her that you have not forgotten about such a beautiful day.

Our mothers have always been there for us, our first teachers and then someone who is always there when things go wrong, she has some sort of sixth sense that whenever her child is in trouble, she is the first one to know that. she cannot bear distance from her own child but when work and education are there she just smiles and lets you go even though she knows that the place will feel really empty without you. You smile is all she likes and there are times when she calls just to know about you and you are busy so you are unable to take that call, so make sure that you pick up the phone next time but if you are looking for the cakes which are calorie-free then you can always opt for the following cakes:



Well, not all carrot cakes are healthy but this one is surely healthy and since being vegan is the trend now this one fits that too, so a perfect choice if you want to surprise your mum with this one. With the goodness of carrots and a little bit of pineapple, the cake is just bound to turn out fine. You can always use vegan buttery spreads and non-dairy creamers that are available, it is a healthy alternative to the other cakes that are out there.



All you will need is the chocolate which is finely chopped, unsalted butter, eggs, vanilla extract, granulated and powdered sugar, and some salt and you will all be ready with this cake, this cake is just delicious and has fewer calories compared to the regular chocolate cake, this is gluten-free and your mum will surely enjoy this lip-smacking delicacy and this time she will not think twice before eating it as the cake so just so good.



Cheesecake is on the list! you must be surprised but you should not be as this was going to happen; the cake is naturally sweet as it has prunes and who would miss the taste of the coffee. The prunes add the sweetness to the cake along with the bittersweet taste of the coffee and you are just bound to enjoy the cake that is there. The cake will just put a smile on their face and if you wish to have it as a birthday cake & happy new year cakes as well. This cake just suits all occasions that are there and is a lot healthier.



Well, the cashew and coconut are just the power duo when it comes to the taste and you can always go for this when it comes to this cake. Cashews are just healthy and when it comes to coconut is just bound to leave the other person refreshed.  The cake is no doubt going to be a little nuttier than the other cakes but on the contrary, it is moist as well. Make sure that you opt for less sugar and flour and you are just good to go, this cake is just loved by all.



This cake is just a good option as well as it will not cause major havoc in your body, you can always opt for this cake as it is made from the beaten egg yolks and there is no butter in it so a cake which is low on fat. You can always opt for this cake if you wish for a really healthier option and you can decorate the cake with blueberries and strawberries if you wish to, the cake will just be beautiful and will look good as well. You can always use low sugar when you are making this cake.

You must remember that to make a cake less in calories all you need to take care of is that it is not containing a lot of flour, sugar, and sweeteners as the crux of making a calorie-free lie in your hands. So just choose your ingredients wisely.

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