May 12, 2021

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Can You Put Artificial Plants Outside: Learn The Requisites For It

Artificial Plants

Can You Put Artificial Plants Outside – So many people are decorating their houses with artificial plants these days? The popularity of these plants is on the rise, especially among those people who are not known for their green thumbs. 

The majority of these people use fake plants for internal home decoration purposes. But many are interested in spruce up their house outdoors with artificial plants. Thus, a question often comes to their mind- Can you put artificial plants outside?

 Now, that is what we are going to discuss here in this article. If you are interested in fake plants too & want to learn about this matter, stay with us till the end of the article. 

Can we put fake plants outside?

In short, the answer is a ‘YES.’ That means you can definitely put artificial plants/flowers outside. But there are some specific conditions that you need to fulfill to do that. They are as follows:

  1. Ensure your plants are sturdy enough
  2. Make sure your plants have UV protection
  3. Place your plants in sheltered & shaded spots

Now let us explain these conditions one by one.

Ensure your plants are sturdy enough

The first condition of the three is to make sure your plants are strong & sturdy enough. Now, what can we possibly mean by sturdy-strong plants? Well, let us explain that to you. 

You probably know that artificial plants are made from various materials such as Silk, plastic or polyblends, etc. Some plants are made from soft, fabric materials that are not suitable to use in the outdoors. It is because outdoor conditions are challenging for them to handle. 

Therefore, the plants you want to put outside should be specifically designed for outdoor use. These remarkable plants are made up of strong materials. Thus, their build quality is satisfactory & you can place them outdoors.

Make sure your plants have UV protection.

The following condition that you must fulfill is to ensure that your plants have a UV guard with them. You probably are aware that the sun emits Ultraviolet light that is harmful to live beings.

 You may ask that artificial plants do not have life, so why do we need UV protection? Well, you are right there. But you should also know that the sun’s UV light is known to fade fake plants’ color. So, your plants will lose their color & shine bit by bit if you put them under the direct sunlight. 

You do not want that to happen to your plants. So, you must purchase fake plants that have a UV coating on them. You can also buy UV sprays to use on your plants if they do not have UV light protection on them.

Place your plants in sheltered & shaded spots.

The third & final condition is to put your plants in places that are shaded & sheltered. The main reason to do this is to prevent your plants from getting exposed to direct sunlight.

 And if you can do this, your plants’ color & shine will last long even if they do not have any UV protectant on them. Besides, they will be saved from the rainwater as well that will prolong their color & shine even more.


Well, that is pretty much it! We hope you have understood the conditions well enough. If you can fulfill them, you can put your artificial plants outside. We hope you liked our article & it was of some help to you. 

If you have any thoughts to share about the write-up, please feel free to comment down below. Thank you for reading our article & have a good day!