Difference Between UAE Green Visa and Golden Visa

Ask anyone to list the most immigrant-friendly countries around, and you will get varying answers. However, one name will remain consistent – UAE.

Readers of this post won’t even be surprised by us making such a statement, or at least they should not be. After all, 90% of folks who live in the country are, in fact, immigrants. However, just because the country and its government have made it easier for one to enter the country, it does not mean everything is straightforward. You would be wise to consult an immigration consultant in Abu Dhabi to ensure a seamless process.

Golden Visa

Different Types of Visas for UAE

There are many questions that folks might have when planning to immigrate to the UAE, such as about tourist visa for UAE’s. Here in the post, we will look into a common question about the different types of visas.

Taking a closer look at both options.

UAE Green Visa

This is one of the most popular visa programs that foreign nationals can opt for. The program is aptly named as it focuses on innovation & growth. This residency visa is targeted towards:

●Freelancers and Skilled Professionals with specialized skills or qualifications in high-demand sectors.
●Investors with AED 150,000 or more in property or any established business venture in the UAE
●Entrepreneurs who are looking to establish a business on the country’s shore

Benefits of UAE Green Visa:

Now that we have examined who this program is intended for, let’s consider the advantages it offers.

1. Sponsoring family members

This program enables folks to sponsor their immediate family for residency. Only immediate family members are eligible for this program, ensuring a stable and fulfilling personal life.

2. Multiple Entry Allowed

You can seamlessly travel and re-enter the shores without any issues throughout the visa’s validity. It is highly useful for business owners who travel frequently out of the country.

3. Flexible Renewals

The 5-year validity period allows one to operate in the UAE without any issues. It provides long-term stability and a foundation to build a meaningful life when working in the country.

UAE Golden Visa

Next on the list, we have another of the top programs offered – Golden Visa. It is a relatively new program launched only in 2022. It is ideal for:

●Accomplished professionals seeking long-term stability and an environment that values their expertise. The visa comes with a 10-year validity – certainly one of a kind.
●It is designed for investors who are seeking secure investment opportunities in the retail market
●Businessmen with legally recognized startups
●Recognized talents in varying fields are also eligible

Benefits of UAE Golden Visa:

1. 10 Year Residency

In contrast to the other programs on the list, which only have a validity of 5 years, this program comes with a 10-year renewal residency. The aim here is to ensure a stable residency for the holder and their family.

2. Sponsoring family members

This visa program allows holders to sponsor their family’s residency in the country. However, note that it is only limited to immediate family members.

3. Unparalleled Flexibility

With this visa, you are free to move in and out of the country at any time, without any challenge or restriction. You are eligible for multiple entry permits, allowing you to travel worldwide without visa restrictions.

4. Business Freedom

You have the freedom to start any business immediately. No need for you to get a local guarantor. Great, isn’t it?

Why should I connect with investor visa consultants in Abu Dhabi?

While both programs are great, you can only pick one. Also, do note that there are also quite different in some areas as well.Budding professionals and investors would be happy with the first program that we have mentioned – the Green Visa program. On the other hand, established individuals who are seeking security themselves might hover over the Golden program. And why should not they? It is intended for them anyway.But how do you make the right choice for yourself? Well, you should consider your goals, resources, and desired timeline before making any decision. Also, connect with a reliable immigration partner, such as Reach2World, to help you out. Whether you need a Golden Visa or a UAE’s student visa, Abu Dhabi leading Immigration and visa consultant will ensure a seamless process.

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