January 22, 2022

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Last Mile Companies in India

Last Mile Companies
Last Mile Companies

Last-mile has become the need of the time due to the increasing competition and the need for faster delivery. The rising demand for doorstep delivery has made the last mile delivery services extremely popular in today’s world. 

A huge number of last-mile companies have come up lately in India. While there are many big names that are offering a reliable service for years, there are also startup companies coming up claiming to offer an equally reliable service. But how do you know which one to trust and which one to not? There are several factors that can help you in getting across the right last-mile delivery service providers in India. 

  • The very first factor is the brand recognition of the company that speaks a lot about the company. 
  • The second most important factor is the service that the company offers. You need to look for the services that you require and the services that the company is offering. 
  • Next, consider other facilities such as the customer support and the reviews from the clients. 
  • Do not forget to check the price that you need to invest to get the services from the company. 

While you can utilize the above factors to get the best options, here is enlisted the best last-mile companies in India. 


Softage started its office in Gurgaon way back in the year 1994 and slowly now it has turned up to be one of the best last-mile logistic companies across India. Softage has been offering accurate and faster delivery each time that has made it one of the most reliable service providers across the country. 

Softage is a reliable name today amidst clients of several sectors such as healthcare, eCommerce, groceries, and many others. The company has been offering several facilities for the clients such as order tracking with ease, scheduled delivery, same-day delivery, hyper-local delivery, and others. 


Established in the year 2011, Delhivery is located in Gurgaon and have become one of the best last-mile companies in India. The company has been delivering items and operating in more than 2500 cities now since the day of its inception. It has been offering a wide range of services to the clients such as same-day delivery, next-day delivery, on-demand delivery, and others. 

Delhivery has become one of the favourite options of many clients due to its diversified product handling. The company offers services in handling and transporting hazardous, fragile, and even heavy-duty items. Apart from offering several services and transporting different products, the company also offers several other benefits for the clients such as payment flexibility, returns management, and fraudulence detection. 

Ecom Express

This last mile logistic startup started in the year 2012 in New Delhi is a favourite of many of the eCommerce business houses today due to its end to end logistic services. Due to its amazing services and great customer support, the company has also become one of the most reliable last-mile logistic companies in the country. 

Ecom Express offers a guarantee of delivering the items within 72 hours and also offers a much faster option in the case of cash on delivery remittance. There have been a number of facilities that the company has been offering such as flexibility in payments, handling fragile and expensive items in transit, return and exchange management along modern digital services for better convenience. 


Gati is one of the oldest logistic service providers in India that was established in 1989 and is headquartered in Hyderabad. The company has come up as one of the best last-mile logistic companies in the last few years as it has set up its offices in different parts of the country. 

Gati has been offering facilities of offering transit through the air to offer delivery of items much faster and also operates warehouses in different corners of the country for better convenience. It is due to their amazing facilities and the features that they offer that many of the supply chain services and eCommerce services are their top clients. 


Bluedart is the oldest logistic company on this list as it started way back in the year 1983. This company is headquartered in Mumbai and is known to be one of the most premium logistic companies across the country. 

The company has crossed so much of a journey and now it is also one of the best and most reliable last-mile delivery services providers across the country. The company is known to offer a wide range of services such as handling fragile or heavy-duty items, same day or next day delivery whenever and wherever possible, tracking facilities, and many others. 

Bluedart is known for its absolutely professional service and updated features. Due to its features, Blue Dart still is a favourite of many clients for their important parcels. 

Thus, above is the list of last-mile companies in India that has been offering reliable services to clients for a long. Check out whether the services of the company match your requirements and you can always get the right pick.