October 1, 2022

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Make A Choice – Offset Quadrant Shower Tray or Any Other Tray?

The installation of simple shower trays or an offset quadrant shower tray is a simple procedure and the 9-part guide is primarily intended for the installation of resin shower trays. The installation process for lighter offset quadrant shower tray trays varies slightly but can be used as a practical guide.

Offset Quadrant Shower Tray
  1. The first thing to do is, place it at the location you want and then mark the edge of the tray and the waste hole once you have purchased a good quality shower tray. Such marks will also provide a circle on the outside to access the plumbing after the rack has been installed unless you have permanent access to the elevator boards.

This may be a square cut with enough room to get your hands under the sheets. 

Note: When using a shower tray with tiling stands, it is important to allow tillage on the surface of the tray in adjacent walls. 

  1. To create a trench in the floor, the waste pipe and the shower tray can be accommodated and extended for the previously marked access area.
  2. Install waste pipe and waste from a dip in the trench, and blank it (to allow plumbing connexion) after putting a cemetery bed on the area to support the drain, in compliance with the plumbing regulations. The tube is then put blank off the trench. 

Note: At this stage, you might still have a protective film on the tray. Join it and carry out a final check on the tray to ensure that everything is in order. 

  1. If an optional screen strip is installed (flat top tray only), refer to the attached instructions.
  2. Mix now fine sand and cement according to the instructions of the supplier to create a large mixture that is appropriate for the area underneath the tray. Then a consistency trowel that will make the leveling adjustment, but still supports the tray entirely. 

Note: Do not attempt to substitute some form of adhesive or sealant for the cement if resin trays are placed. Note: Just carry cement. (If you are using a basic plumb pack, it can be altered.) 

  1. Put the bathroom on the cement blend (wet) and ensure that the cement mix is completely supported. Level the channel from the top of the rims as the height for good drainage varies.
  2. Once the cement is set, remove any excess cement mix and masking tape, the initial connexion between the tray itself and the system of waste must now be formed. You will need to test for tightness and water flow and drainage at this stage. This cannot be overlooked and should be thoroughly checked. 
  3. Sifting the tiling line together with a silicone sealant after all the necessary tests and alterations have been completed. 
  4. Finish the work with cement, to ensure full stability, fill the access area, and waste tube trench below the tray.

Choose A Proper Side 

While it may seem like a simple task to choose a shower side, it can be a challenge to decide what would be perfect for your bathroom, particularly with a variety of shower tiles available on the market in different styles, shapes, and sizes. It is easier to determine the right kind of trays for your bathroom with accurate details on the various models of trays, along with assured value over your lifetime. 

Choose A Proper Shape

You need to first recognize the shape that is right for you when selecting a style to suit your bathroom. It is critical that you choose the shape of your bathroom according to the shape. Offset quadrant shower tray, Square, circle, triangle, and rectangle of the various shapes are available. The shape of the shower you need is also to be considered, as the shower must suit the package. 

Choose The Long-Lasting Material 

The making of your offset quadrant shower tray should also be known. Different materials, such as quartz, acrylic etc, may be used to produce the tray. The style can be regular or slim. The stone resin trays last a lifetime and are of high quality. When you want a tray that does not have to be replaced for a long time, then you will have the ones made from stone resin. Such shower trays are immune to skidding and do not shrink from the crack.

Installing the resin stones on floors above ground level because inadequate installation results in damage should be done perfectly. Since they are incredibly heavy. If you do not want to deal with all these problems and you are looking for something that is easy to mount and lightweight, it is better for you to get into the acrylic kind. 

Choose The Trendy Design

If you are looking for something sleek and luxurious in offset quadrant shower trays, then it will work for you to work in the slimline designer style of the shower tray. The slimline model rays bring you close to industry trends, as the foundation is made of flexible stone resin.

Essentially, the option of a shower tray depends entirely on your desires. The tray that you pick will have to match your bathroom and attach it. The tray model that satisfies these criteria will have to be determined. Ensuring that the tray is placed to avoid leakage by sealing it near the walls would prolong its existence. Your main goal of maximizing the value of the bathroom, which in effect adds value to your whole home, can be accomplished by selecting beautiful trays. 

It is important to select the right shower trays for your bathroom because it indirectly defines the worth of the whole house. To suit in the bathroom with a modern look, it is important to match shower tiles with shower cases. So be rational and visit the Royal bathrooms today. Enjoy!