Top 10 Food Brands in Kerala

Do you want to know which of the top 10 food brands in Kerala are the finest and the best? Look no further. In this article, we have curated a list of the top 10 food brands in Kerala that can provide you with guaranteed taste and flavor along with excellent customer satisfaction.

Top 10 Food Brands in Kerala

1. Double Horse

Double Horse

Double Horse is one of the prominent food brands in India being a market leader for more than 62 years. The mother brand of Double Horse, Manjilas was founded in the year 1959, primarily as a company selling superior quality rice grains. Double Horse’s stature as a premium brand can be justified by the fact that it was the first in the foods sector of Kerala to receive ISO 9001:2000 certification. Double Horse offers its clients over 250 premium quality food products and also over 20 superior varieties of rice.

2. Priyom


One of the largest selling brands in Kerala, Priyom is a well-established and reputed food brand in Kerala. Priyom has been a leading contender in the market for decades and has become a household name over the years. Priyom offers a wide variety of high-quality products like spice powders, breakfast products, pickles, and more. Priyom has built a strong distribution network over the years and has become one of the best food exporters in India.

3. Nirapara


Nirapara is one of the leading, well-reputed, and ISO-certified food brands in Kerala with decades of experience in the industry. Nirapara is a favorite brand of the Kerala community owing to its authentic taste and supreme quality. Nirapara is HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) and ISO 22000:2005 certified. Nirapara also holds the title of being the leading exporter of spice and rice products that has both Halal and FDA certifications.

4. Super Nova

Super Nova

One of the premium food brands in Kerala, Super Nova is well known in the state for its exceptional quality and taste. Super Nova is widely recognized in the industry and within its customer base for providing various food products that are of high quality, healthy, and hygienically manufactured. Super Nova products include Spices, Pickles, Ready Mixes, Masalas, and more. Super Nova strives to provide its customers with the authentic taste and aroma of Kerala’s traditional cooking.

5. Amna


Amna is an established and widely popular food brand in Kerala that has got a huge fan following amongst the Kerala community. Amna always ensures to provide its customers with a wide range of food products that are guaranteed to provide an amazing dining experience for any. Amna is well known for its flavorful blend of spices, ready-to-eat items, traditional Indian masalas, rice, other flour products, and more.

6. S.L.K Food Processing

S.L.K Food Processing

Mother brand of famous brands like Happy and Linda which have gained an immense following in Kerala food lovers, S.L.K Processing is one of the best in the industry. S.L.K Food Processing is based in the Calicut district of Kerala. S.L.K’s ‘Happy’ brand involves products like Fruit Jams, Sauces, etc, and has a cult following in Kerala. The products of S.L.K Food Processing have the best reputation in the industry and are a favorite brand of many.

7. Elite


Elite is one of the popular and best food brands in Kerala that runs one of the largest food companies in South India. Elite is a diversified group that caters to various sectors like Organic Foods, Real Estate, Food Retail, and more. Elite’s Food Division has a strong network of about 1100 distributors and retails to around 60,000 outlets in India. Elite’s food division is backed by 11 high-quality high-tech manufacturing facilities that are located in pan India.

8. Malabar Treats

Malabar Treats

One of the prominent food brands in Kerala, Malabar Treats is 100 percent quality, purity and authenticity driven. Malabar Treats’ stand-out features include its large area of farms, meticulous manufacturing processes, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, quality control of global standards, and more. Some of the best products of Malabar Treats include Bitter Gourd Chips, Jalebi Neyyapam, Chikkly Murukku, and more.

9. Vijay Masala

Vijay Masala

Vijay is one of the famous and most popular foods brands in Kerala which has gained an immense reputation in the local and international market. Vijay products are manufactured using the latest grading, processing, and packing measures employing the best use of the latest technological capabilities. Vijay’s success in the industry can be attributed to its decades of experience, hygienic manufacturing and processing methods, superior taste and quality, and more.

10. Kishore Spices

Kishore Spices

Kishore Spices is a food brand with the best reputation in Kerala. Kishore Spices has the best range of food products and has been consistently delivering superior quality, and taste to its customers. Kishore Spices have received many awards and accolades for its continued success in the industry.

You can check the listed food brands and choose the best food brand in Kerala which is the right one for your family.

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