May 7, 2021

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Top Reasons For Growing Surrogacy

Growing Surrogacy

Ukraine is a safe and legal Growing surrogacy destination in the heart of Europe, though this option in Ukraine is only available to legally married hetero couples. That implies that no gay man can participate in surrogacy processes in Ukraine.

Couples who cannot have babies usually face various psychological and social issues. Upon spending a considerable fortune on infertility treatments, many of them tend to discover that opting for surrogacy is the only viable option available to them. Thus, this process tends to provide the much-desired help for these childless couples. Also, surrogacy in European countries such as Ukraine tends to be quite necessary, affordable, and legal for many.

Main reasons for the growing surrogacy

Surrogacy in Ukraine is growing due to the following reasons:

1. The Surrogacy process tends to occur with minimal legal problems: the federal law effectively backs Ukraine’s surrogacy agreement. These laws adequately support the Surrogacy option for straight married couples. Thus, the rights of such parents are adequately protected.

2. Donation of eggs, embryo, and sperm are legal and backed up by-laws. Therefore, a wide variety of beautiful egg donors is readily available.

3. Traveling tends to be easier, as no visa is usually required for European and American citizens.

4. Reproductive laws are the same for both local and international clients. Thus, both nationals and foreigners can quickly request subrogation contracts without hassles.

5. A clean and healthy environment is usually provided for the surrogate mother. 

6. The cost of obtaining a surrogate mother in  Ukraine is much more lower than in many other European countries.

7. Surrogacy in Ukraine does not entail adoption before you can have legitimate rights over the baby. The baby legally belongs to the genetic parents in the end.

8. In Ukraine, there are advanced medical facilities and professionals which handle the subrogation process.

How much cost surrogacy in Ukraine?

Surrogacy costs in Ukraine tend to be a significant reason why many people opt for the country in Europe, as earlier highlighted. Usually, the fees for surrogacy entails compensation, healthcare costs, legal payments, and other unforeseen payments, which are usually taken into account. Read more details about leihmutterschaft ukraine kosten

Where to find cheap surrogacy?

If you desire to find cheap surrogacy in Ukraine, an excellent surrogacy agency such as FESKOV Human Reproduction Group can help you to find a good match at a lower price.

FESKOV Human Reproduction Group first selects and screens them to ensure they meet the criteria associated with the process. The Services available here also entail Single and Package services at a low price, which will also be suitable for all clients in Ukraine.

Furthermore, the Surrogacy costs consist of:

-The fee for surrogate mother ranges from 10000-35000$

– IVFs = cost 2000-5000$ per one attempt.

– Pills, analysis/tests

– Other medical procedures

– Trips, accommodation, etc.

Benefits of Package of service

1. Unlimited IVFs

2. The agreement on all stages by time and terms occurs  without any hassles

3. There are no hidden payments

4. Very safe for health

5. Success is guaranteed in the end

In conclusion, surrogacy is currently growing in Ukraine due to the top reasons earlier highlighted. Thus, if you desire to opt for this, the package service provided by Feskov Human Reproduction Group, which has been highlighted above, tends to be quite more affordable and comparatively more suitable than single term service.