May 7, 2021

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What Is the Safest Way to Buy Online?

Safest Way to Buy Online

There will always be a hundred reasons to shop online. Online sales, staying cozy, and saving all the time in the world, but have you thought about the threats that come along with online shopping? Though online shopping has been easing up things for people all over the world, saving them from roaming around the malls and helping them in making the decision with a relaxing mind and surroundings, there is a bad side that awaits to get you.

Cybercrimes are real and happening to people. As you feel relaxed whilst shopping online, there’s someone waiting on the other hand to hack your credentials and harm you in every possible way. If you desire to stay safe while you shop online, follow the below-listed guidelines, and ensure to keep them in mind every time you make a purchase online. Have a look:

1. Shop at trusted websites

The first and most important thing while shopping online, is to use only trusted websites. As you search for items online, there’ll be hundreds of links offering you that particular item. It is much preferred to take fewer chances of threats by choosing the only trusted sites. You can go for websites such as Amazon, that holds everything under one roof with a secure and reliable connection. Don’t get tricked by the unauthentic websites because of all the charming sales and bargains – save yourself by being careful.

2. Check out the webpage security

Do not make a purchase online from a website that doesn’t have SSL (secure socket layer) encryption installed. As you visit a website, look for the lock that appears at the left of the URL of the site. The lock ensures that the website is safe for you to enter your credentials and save you from any hack or threat. If there is no lock icon on the webpage, do not enter your credit card credentials. For example, Cobra Kai Jacket has the lock icon before Https:// that ensures a secure layer of connection. 

3. Don’t overshare

No authentic shopping website would require to know your date of birth or social security number. Scammers can harm you if they get their hands on your credit card number and your personal information as well. Thus, if any shopping website asks you for your personal information, it is suggested to call the customer service line and ask them for identification, or else just walk away from the online store and stay safe.

4. Seek up social media

If you have been enticed by a grand sale on a website that looks confusing to you, gets help from social media. Embrace your detective skills and check out their social media following, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Check out the reviews that people have left on their pages. Keep an eye on the scam reports or complaints. You can also contact the online retailer and clear your doubts. If there’s no phone number, email address or location added to the profile of the business, well, save yourself because it sure seems like a scam.

5. Use a VPN

By using a VPN (Virtual private network) you can secure yourself from cyber threats. A VPN creates an encrypted connection between your system and the VPN server. The internet traffic goes through a tunnel that is encrypted using a VPN and any hacker luring nearby the tunnel will fail to intercept the information that passes by.

6. Create a strong password

Strong passwords can help you in keeping your account safe and secure from hackers and threats. Act smart and create strong passwords so that no one out there can get access to your account. The best tip to keep in mind while creating a password is to use a password manager. Moreover, while setting your password, always use a complex set of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. It is suggested not to use personal information such as birthdates, favorite place, or mother’s name that others can guess or find out.

7. Check bank statements regularly

Do not wait up to check your bill at the end of the month. Keep track of your shopping expenses and check your bank statement regularly to avoid any kind of scam. You must only use your credit card to shop online because, in case of a debit card being hacked or compromised, the scammer will have direct access to your bank funds that could be quite bad.


Online shopping is one of the most convenient advances in technology that has been easing our lives with comfort. But, along with the comfort and ease, comes the threat of being manipulated or scammed. To save yourself from the harm that hackers and scammers can do, you must follow the above-mentioned guidelines and ensure to act accordingly without any compromise. Stay safe, and shop well!