May 20, 2022

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Amazing Waterless Beauty Tips

Waterless Beauty Tips
Waterless Beauty Tips

Waterless Beauty Tips – We’re hoping that our latest beauty forecast is less of a trend and more of a long-term movement towards a variety of skincare products.

For a while, the word waterless beauty has become a word on the lips of art insiders. This refers to products that are water-free, instead of using plant ingredients and oils to boost capacity and reduce the need for preservatives and other unnecessary fillers.

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  • A recent report by market research firm Mintel announced that within beauty, “water is a new luxury”.  The more consumers are aware of this, the more beauty brands need to change the way they create and manufacture products to limit their reliance on water. “
  • In mainstream cosmetics, several big brands are already making preparations – L’Oreal has promised to reduce the finished product by 60% per unit by 2020. In the natural and organic beauty industry, the wheel is already very much in motion. With the trend gaining traction, the question is: why should we buy waterless beauty products first?
  • Emerging from the skincare-pioneering country of Korea, which is moving towards unabashed beauty, where water-free cosmetics have been used for years for their strength and effectiveness. In a country of ten-step routines, it’s no surprise that Koreans have finalized this trend and are enjoying the benefits of strong skincare.
  • Water is about 70% cleaner than most traditional creams, lotions, toners, and cleansers. Water is used because of its affordability (it makes a cheap base for products) but the great myth comes down to its hydration properties. Although water can make our skin feel a splash of hydrating, excessive use of water can cause our skin to become dry for a long time. One of the oldest beauty hacks in the book is not over-washing your face; And harsh, water-based cleansers and moisturizers can have the same effect – its oils cut through the skin and break down its natural barriers.
  • Shameless beauty is designed to have the opposite effect. Without water, the need for other emulsifiers and additives decreases. Oils, botanicals and active ingredients provide the base, creating more dense solutions and – you guessed it – better results.
  • The reason is that beauty brands are free instead of water with other affordable fillers, which can be blended into ingredients like good old water. At Glasshouse we are in favor of natural and organic brands who are deciding to create seamless products with the sole purpose of enabling other ingredients to sing louder. For example, vitamin C is highly sensitive to water and as a result, the vitamin is oxidized and may lose its well-known antioxidant properties. We recommend scanning the list of ingredients and clue-up your skincare before making a commitment.
  • It plays a role in texture as well. A product water usually makes the solution easier to apply and facilitates absorption. Think of a luxurious-feeling moisturizer that is flexible, even and spreads comfortably. Like switching to a sulfate-free shampoo, switching to a waterless beauty product can take a while to get used to – balm products and rich oils are good examples. But if these types of products are used properly, you can probably make them more durable than water-based parts.
  • Some brands are expressing the concept of waterless beauty in a more literal way. Take East London-based skincare guru Guy Morgan – his high-performing products include a trio of face masks that come in powder form – manually mixed with water and applied in a patterned way. His decision on veto water was crystal clear: “I wanted to create something that could focus on keeping the best quality ingredients simple and effective,” he explained, adding that
  • Guy’s point is an important one. Zero water cuts the requirements for preservatives, which are some of the common causes of skin allergies and irritation. Instead, Guy’s products use “various sun-dried soil, mineral and powdered plant extracts such as super hydrating marshmallow root”.