An Overview of HGH Products For Growth in Child

growth hormone for kids

For any parent the growth of hormones in the child is very important. basically, the HGH injections are prescribed to help kids who have some normal growth issues. generally, a child needs a routine check-up to know about the general growth patterns along with the potential treatment in case the doctor tells that he/ she have an abnormality in the growth. Growth hormone treatment in children with growth problems causes some kind of the minor side effects, along with this the treatment is completely safe and extremely effective against Turner Syndrome and hormone deficiency. 

Growth in Children

For your child to experience growth, the pituitary gland must secrete growth hormone into the blood. The growth hormone is secreted while you child is deeply asleep. Several factors affect the secretion of growth hormone, including sleep, nutrition, stress, exercise, blood sugar, and medication. 

When your child is HGH deficient, you will see a number of symptoms, the most common of which is slow growth and facial characteristics that cause your child to appear younger than others of the same age. 

While being tiny will not affect your child’s IQ, it is likely to erode self-esteem and social skills. As a result, your doctor will prescribe HGH injections for the growth hormone for kids and to help the child achieve optimum growth. The needle is quite small, and your child will not feel pain. 

How HGH Treatment Works

Once your child is diagnosed with Turner syndrome or HGH deficiency, your doctor will inform you of the merits and demerits of the treatment. The HGH used in this treatment is synthetic but was designed in the lab to work as the GH produced in the body. Therefore, it is effective and very safe. 

The hormone is administered subcutaneously via different HGH injections sites. This implies that it will be delivered in your fatty tissue right below your skin. You can give an injection to your child using a special HGH delivery device in the shape of a pen. 

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What to look forward to during treatment

The obvious thing you should expect is some growth. While it might take up to six months for your child to register noticeable change, the key thing is that you will see growth. You should expect about 2 inches of height within the first six months of injection. You will also notice a few other things. For instance, your child might out-grow shoes quite quickly. The feet will grow in length within the first 6 weeks. 

Your child’s appetite will also increase. A bigger appetite is quite common, particularly if you had a hard time feeding your child. In addition, your child’s body will appear skinny as height increase for the first few weeks of treatment. The body tends to experience a decrease in fat and an upsurge in lean mass. 

It might take several years for a child to achieve adult height, so you should be prepared for a few years of treatment. The downside to this treatment is the cost. HGH injections cost a lot, especially if you have to do it for a long time. Find out the cost of HGH injections before you make a commitment so that you will not have to stop midway through treatment. 

This is cause for concern because your doctor will have to perform several tests as treatment progress and your child may have to continue with treatment until the adult height is reached. That means treatment will stop once bones achieve absolute growth and rate of growth is stable at 2 cm each year. 

Giving and Getting HGH Injections

Growth hormone injections are usually painless and quick. A child above age 10 will want to do then injection alone. However, you should always supervise the process so that the right dosage is administered. If your child is below age 10, you should administer the injection. 

Since HGH is secreted during sleep, the treatment has been found to be effective when you give it during bedtime. Knowing how to give HGH injections may seem intimidating when you start. However, once you understand how to do it, it will become an easy routine. 

You should know the following things once your child begins receiving injections. HGH needs to be kept at a temperature between 36 and 42 ° F. If it gets too cold or hot, it will not work properly. The best time to give an injection is an hour before bedtime. Try to give injections consistently. 

Choose up to 8 injections sites and try to rotate them every time. Possible injections sites include the top part of the thighs, the back of your child’s arm and butt quadrants. Chart the sites you inject on your calendar and chart each time you open new cartridges. Since the injections are quite expensive, ensure you use each cartridge completely before you move to the next one. 

Wrap Up

As a parent, seeing your child grow like other kids of the same age is satisfying. However, if your child is experiencing growing delays, chances are it could be due to growth hormone deficiency. Fortunately, your doctor can help to bring back growth with the help of HGH injections.

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