April 16, 2021

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Best Taste Of Sunset At These Sites In Langkawi!

A trip to Langkawi is essentially incomplete which is not spared at dawn or dusk to see the island for morning or sunlight. Being a tropical region near the equator, the magical colors of the sky quickly pass when the sun rises or sets. Get your flight booked by the team of American Airlines Reservations and go to these places.


Pantai Cenang

Pantai Cenang is the main beach in Langkawi and is therefore visited by a crowd of tourists in the afternoon. But despite the crowds, Sengkang has a magnetic attraction at sunset. Can hit the popular haunt called Yellow Cafe a little earlier as they offer happy hours over beers from 4-6 pm; Or visit the Cliff Bar and Restaurant located on the cliff, which offers a great location for the perfect sunset in Langkawi.

Pantai Cenang is a 10-minute drive from Langkawi Airport. A distance of 5 km from outside the airport can be easily covered by taxi or shuttle. It is a central location on the island where most tourists congregate.

Tanjung Rhu Beach

When it comes to the quietest sunset in Langkawi, the romantic Tanjung Rhu beach on the secluded north coast of Langkawi is hard to beat. The dim light of the sun casts a mystic shadow over the water of the mangrove patch scattered around the water. Don’t miss the fish and chips at Scarborough’s Fish and Chips Shop – it is one of the best places in the city.

The distance from Kuah town is around 22 kilometers, so it takes half an hour to reach. The main road takes a narrow coastal road that leads to the beach.

Langkawi Lagoon Picnic Area

Between the barely-commercialization of Tenga or Tanjung Rhu and the vivid tourist atmosphere of Senang, the Langkawi Lagoon Picnic Area meets you halfway. Located near the airport, this waterfront strip is a favorite among locals and backpackers for easy-to-access pocket refreshment options and an absolutely free panorama of the sunset in Langkawi. The region focuses more on local cuisine, so the pizzas are replaced with hot bowls of laksa and cocktails prepared with fresh fruit juices or coconut water.

Charlie’s Bar and Grill, Fisherman’s Wharf

Despite not being a natural location, the famous Charlize Bar & Grill is a sought-after venue in Langkawi for lunch, drinks, and sunset. Located right next to the marina at the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club (RLYC), the dinner offers some sumptuous cocktails, delicious Malay, and another global cuisine and a serene vista of sunset in Langkawi against the backdrop of Kung Bass Harbor and the hills. Distance. Moored boats and yachts, leaping to the rhythm of the passing sea currents, add to the painted scenery. 

The RLYC is located to the southeast of the island, right in front of the Langkawi Ferry used for waterway entry and exit. From the pier, the restaurant is a walking distance. The international airport is a half-hour drive away.

Helga Harbor Boardwalk, Punta Coke

The Helga Harbor Boardwalk at Pantai Coke Beach is a quintessential sunset destination, which offers numerous waterfront piers with bars, cafes, and eateries. Perdana Quay is one of the better people, who come to the bar with happy hours till 7 or 8 pm.

The beach and boardwalk are located in the Pantai Kok area on Jalan Telok Bureau Road and 15 minutes by car or taxi from the airport. From the Kuha city center, it can take up to 30 minutes maximum.

Muttering Raya

While the beaches of Langkawi are great for sunset, its highest mountain peak at 881 meters is perfect for a sunrise view. One can drive to the summit to save time and energy – the road is smooth and hassle-free. At the top, there is D’Coconut Hill Resort and a WT. At RM10 per person, visitors can walk to the top of the tower and have a spectacular 360-degree view over Langkawi, the Andaman Sea, and even parts of Thailand. 

The road leading to the top of the Granite Mountains is called Jalan Gunung Raya, which is connected to Kuan City via Jalan Padang Village and Jalan Ulu Melaka to Langkawi Airport. Both of these central locations are 40 minutes from Gunung Raya. The rest of the road is simple with a moderate gradient but through a deep forest. Taxis carry RM60 for a one-way trip. The trekking route is the same.

Burrough Bay

With two ends owned and privatized by Berjaya Langkawi Resort and Danna Langkawi, the rest of Burrough Bay is open to the public and is ideal for both sunrise and sunset in Langkawi. Easily accessible by Langkawi cable car service, the beach offers many adventure water sports such as jet-skiing, banana boating, and snorkeling. In addition to the luxury retreat, Burao Bay is a relatively unreserved patch of beachfront location. The reasonably priced chic bars and cafes in Telugu Harbor Park are a five-minute drive away.

If you are in the mood to walk, then the beach can be reached from Telga Harbor in 20-30 minutes. For direct access, you will need to drive along with Jalan Teluk Bureau and find the beach at its western end. It takes 40 minutes to reach Kua and 25 minutes from Langkawi Airport.

Apart from these paradise-like places, sunset can also be enjoyed at Langkawi with afternoon cruises. The Sunset Dinner Cruise, Langkawi Sunset Cruise, and Tropical Charters offer the best trips, sailing in the blue of the Andaman Sea. With the sun on the horizon, cruises take you around the Langkawi archipelago to well-known exotic islands and serve delicious food for refreshment.