October 1, 2022

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Give These Eco-Friendly Gifts On This Diwali And Help Reducing The Pollution

Eco-Friendly Gifts On This Diwali

You can not expect others to do things for you. However, sometimes people may help you but not always; therefore, you should make efforts for the things which you want to improve or achieve. Similarly, if you want to breathe in the fresh air and want to live in a clean area, it is your duty to keep it clean because no one is going to do this for you, so stop expecting from the government. You can clean the environment by using biodegradable products and making others aware of these products. You can share information about non-biodegradable products that are causing harm to the environment as many people are not completely aware of them and the severity of damage these can create to the environment. You can set examples and influence them by using earth-friendly products as they are not going to listen to your instructions if you are not using the same. You can gift these environmentally friendly items at upcoming festivals. Gifts are a token of appreciation or gratitude. Diwali is the most crucial festival for Indians, so why not show your gratitude and appreciation for others by surprising your friends and family members with eco-friendly gifts. The following is the list of some earth-friendly gifts which you can give on this Diwali.


You all know that a bouquet of colorful and fragrant blooms can lift up the mood of everyone but what you do not know is that these blooms are biodegradable, which means these can be decomposed easily by bacteria. You surprise your brother or sister who is living away from family due to job or study purposes by sending Diwali flowers online. Artificial blooms are also available in the market, but they use plastic material in them, and plastic takes thousands of years to decompose. There are so many videos present over the web on how to make DIY flowers using paper, but when we all know that paper is precious as it is made from cutting trees, then what is the use of wasting it on the least important things. When one can use original flowers that are even aromatic, then you should not waste paper. Time & effort are also required to make these duplicate flowers. 

Pack of cloth diapers 

People are not aware of the loss caused by baby diapers and sanitary pads. These are made of plastic, thus take hundreds of years to decompose. Moreover, it is difficult to recycle them. You promote the use of cloth diapers or organic diapers by gifting packets of these on this Diwali to your sister in law for her baby. Likewise, give a big pack of organic sanitary pads on Diwali to your mum along with other gifts as she deserves many gifts. 


Now, when people know the value of trees, they do not let anyone cut the trees, and they themselves do not cut any tree, but what about the loss which has already been done. For the recovery of loss, people should plant more trees and plants. They would be happy to receive the gift of plants, therefore give these plants as Diwali gifts delivery in Noida this time. Plants can be grown even in flats, so everyone can grow plants. Additionally, these plants remain alive for a long time, and they can remind them of you for this much time.

Compost bins 

It takes more time and effort to separate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste, which they do for recycling purposes. However, this we can do at home by using our biodegradable waste for making compost. We should try to reduce the amount of garbage we produce, which can be done by using kitchen waste for making compost. It would be a better idea of gifting compost bins this Diwali to your neighbors who have recently bought this house in which there is a garden for growing plants. There is even the availability of compost bins in the market, which does remove the smell of rotting waste; thus, you can choose from them. 


If your friend is the kind of person who does regular exercise, then giving the gift of a bicycle on the occasion of Diwali can make him or her feel happy. People can be seen riding bicycles in the early morning time for the purpose of doing exercise as they want to keep them fit in order to protect themselves from diseases. This vehicle does not create pollution, and the use of bicycles by more people can encourage others to use them. 

Products made of recycled material

You can not give the above-mentioned gifts to everyone because people can have different choices and not all would feel elated after receiving, so you will have to purchase other goods as well, but you can buy the products made of recycled material for them. Now, when you are thinking about buying a toy for your stubborn nephew who just wants a plastic toy, then just make sure the toy should be made from recycled plastic. 

Gifts wrapped in material other than plastic 

They should stop unnecessary wrapping of the products for advertisements and catching the attention of the customers. Now, people think a lot about the environment, so these tricks can adversely affect the sale of the products. 

These days, people are making efforts to save the environment, but they are still unaware of many things, and they should be made aware of them. People who want to save the environment can do their best to do so at their own level. A Delhi based company is making tiles from recycled plastic, and this teaches us a lesson that this can be possible in a country like India. Therefore, we should stop blaming the government for everything, and you should try to do it because things can be possible if you have strong willpower.