How To Quickly Start T-shirt Wholesale Business

Start T-shirt Wholesale Business

We are convinced that the business of t-shirts or selling t-shirts online is still profitable. Starting a t-shirt business is a fantastic experience and will bring you a lot of personal, business, and financial growth if you stick with it.

Let’s dive into everything you need to know to answer the question; HOW TO QUICKLY START T-SHIRT WHOLESALE BUSINESS?

1. Passion: the essential ingredient

We won’t lie to you. At first, it will be difficult, but it is not impossible to achieve as there is a lot of competition in this area.

One of the essential and even fundamental ingredients is THE PASSION; without it, you will not be able to overcome all the inconveniences or bad moments that any undertaking may entail.

At first, you will dedicate hours of work without seeing any reward, but if you persevere in this is because you are passionate, and you are after your dream, so you will do anything to make your business a success.

2. Choose and Define your Niche

If you really want to succeed in the wholesale shirts business, you must put your effort into creating your niche.

The market is saturated with this type of business, so you must establish very clearly and precisely the parameters of the product you are selling and to whom it is directed, to highlight your brand over the competition.

Being specific is the key. This action will make your shirts stand out and attract the right consumers.

3. Design

If you are a good designer and you consider that you can sell your work, it is an excellent point in favor, because they probably have a lot of output and with some help from the web you can make yourself known and obtain product sales with a good profit margin.

In contrast, if the design isn’t one of your strengths, hire a graphic designer to join your vision, and create impactful designs.

When people buy a t-shirt, they look for a design that, when they see the image or the slogan they feel identified with it. The least they are looking for is more of the same.

4. Research, Study the Market (validation) and Plan Everything

Planning and research are such an essential part of starting a wholesale shirts business. Take a look at your competitors and see if someone is doing the same thing you want.

• Is there enough market to sell your shirts?

• What T-shirts are you going to print on? Brand and models.

• What is your target, and in what area or country will you go?

• How will you get traffic to your website?

• Where are you going to sell your t-shirts?

Many questions need to be answered.

Planning and researching your wholesale shirts business is necessary for success. If you don’t make plans and goals, it’s like going on a trip without a map. It’s going to be very difficult to get to your destination if you don’t know how to get there.

5. T-shirt Quality

How many have we ever bought a shirt that struck us because of its design, but did it all deform or shrink when we washed it? The quality factor is essential to ensure your presence and prolongation in the market.

Keep in mind that there is no point in having your design ready in a mockup if the shirt you use is not quality. Get advice on the type of textiles recommended for printing. Examine the following: fit, dimensions, weight, and stitching.

Another critical point is that you find a suitable supplier. Reliable companies that guarantee the quality and quantity of the t-shirts that you will acquire to capture your designs.


6. Print Quality

Regardless of the type of printing you choose (screen printing, heat transfer or direct print), it must be a quality process.

If you have the economic means, study the option of acquiring the necessary machinery to make printing yourself; but you must have the proper training to guarantee an excellent product. You don’t want your designs to fade in the first wash, right?

If the above is not your case, choose a good screen printing or digital printing workshop with the appropriate technology and at the forefront in everything related to stamping.

7. Create your Store

Since you have the above ready, it is time to create your online store. There are different platforms that you can partner on to sell your services. The most used is the Printful Shopify App. It is swift and easy. Here we show you how simple it is:

• In the Shopify Store, create pages for your products. Once this is done, Printful will automatically extract all of your products.

• Now load the design file for each of your products into the Printful app and just select the shirt you are going to print on.

• Perform a test to verify that it works properly.

8. Now, to Market your Store

To attract customer traffic and ensure the first sales of your store, you must do it hand in hand with these types of applications that we mentioned above. Besides, you must ally yourself with other tools that will allow you to make yourself known, for example, to create alliances with influential marketing figures and create a Fun page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Online shopping is growing, and you should not be left behind in this world of websites and social networks. Offer your t-shirt designs through various applications and networks and make your art known around the world.

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