In the Western Himalayas, Uttarakhand: Valley of Flowers Park

Valley of Flowers Park

 Discover a valley of greenery `Nature’s Magnificence

 The key driving force behind the Himalayan Walker Foundation is Mr. Bhagat Singh Rawat, the founder and main supporter of Mr. Singh.

 Story The Himalayan hiker expressed his love of travel and its benefits when exploring nature. They have the power to connect and appreciate the tourist area.

 Visiting is more than winding; hiking in the preparation department. you got. Information about vegetation should be provided.

 Pollution releases the fragrance of flowers, and outsiders take a walk. We all know that flowers, such as Brahma, rose, and lotus, are famous for the excellence and fashion of nature.

 The importance of flowers in nature lies in the delivery of characteristic medicinal materials to the entire area of ​​the individual. Heavy fog and downpour often occur, especially in the mountains before autumn.

The Valley of Life of the dynamite plant is located somewhere in the Himalayas, at an altitude of 500 feet (3,500 meters) in 11 mountain glades. In August and September, the valley became a shadow of rebellion, with more than a thousand kinds of flowers, shrubs, orchids, and different vegetation covering the valley. The valley is a paradise for naturalists and a tourist attraction, surrounded by diverse vegetation and beautiful snow-capped peaks. During this 4-day trip (in the 10-day course), you can witness its elegance.

 Day 1: Arrival dDelhielhi

 Please report to Delhi, where we will pick you up and transfer you to your accommodation in the terminal. You may want to stay at the resort or hang out in your area and adjust the delicious dinner ahead of time on the day of your visit, depending on your seasoning season.

 Day 2: Delhi Electricity to Rishikesh

 During the first part of the day, the tour takes approximately six hours to Rishikesh. On the night of, head to the Ganges Ghats to see Alti at night, performing attractions, sounds, and songs.

 Day 3: Rishikesh to Joshimath

 Now you cross the mountains to Joshimath. Avoid crossing at devprayag along with the change of direction of the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers, which together constitute the holy river Ganges. After 78 hours of cycling, I reached Josh Maas at about night.

 Day 4: Drive Joshimath to Govind ghat

 Govind ghat Go for a walk on the first day of the day. From Govind ghat, take a 13-kilometer (18-mile) drive to reach Ghangaria, the base camp of the Valley Flowers trek. At night it reaches the ganglion.

 Day 5: Trekking to the Valley of Plant Life ghangaria

 These days, hiking to the Valley of flowers trek is your ultimate goal. The distance to Ghangaria is about three kilometers. This stunning open space is surrounded by artwork embroidered with bright flowers and the snow-covered Himalayas. Nearly 300 wildflowers bloom here. After putting aside any attempts at the extraordinary excellence of this place, return to Ghangaria as if you were here.

 Day 6: Trekking from Ghangaria to Hemkund Lake

 Today, we will go to Hemkund Sahib on the shore of Hemkund Lake, which is a famous Sikh safe harbor. Blueinexperienced Lake has 15,196 toes (4632 meters) with the help of snow protection Joshimathnations. The 6 km journey from Hemkund Lake to Hemkund Sahib is an elevated journey along the Laxman Ganges. After traveling around Lake Hemkund, return to the ganglion at night.

 Day 7: Govind ghat trek ganglia mana journey Joshimath drive

 Start your decline today, trek from ganglia to Govind ghat. Take a quick tour of the mana capital in chChamoliistrict. Mana is the last city in Managua, more than a mile from the border between India and China. This city is beautiful and great.

 Day 8: Force Joshimath to Rishikesh

 Joshimath’s trip back to Rishikesh currently takes a very tiring day (approximately 67 hours). Respect the momentum of the mountain. After visiting the Rishikesh metropolis, you might get a good look at some of the attractions that you missed the first time you went.

 Day 9: Energy from Rishikesh to Delhi

 After breakfast today, return to Delhi by car, the entire trip lasts 56 hours. After showing up in Delhi, it may be the last time you travel or buy the right opportunity.

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