Top Treks In India

Chadar Trek

A trekking spot in the regions of Ladakh at an altitude of about 3850 meters above sea level. The Zanskar river is located in this spot, where the trekkers get to have adventurous trekking through the same. Chadar means blanket, the river is actually acting as the blanket for the same. This lake is said to be a wonder to the trekkers due to its feature to change its color every hour of the day. This is also a moderate to challenging trek at times and truly a splendid one indeed. The trekkers also get a chance to explore the Buddhist monasteries and a few of the villages in that range to know more about the history, but not only that but also to spend some quality time with the villages to ease up the stress of the day to day routine. 

Top Treks In India

Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedarkantha trek lies very much near the Har Ki Dun pass trek at a height of about 12,500 feet. The Sankri village is from where this trekking begins and goes up to the hills. This place is also titled the “Queen of Winter Treks” and the name is truly justified by the amazing views from the hills, easy trails, and the beauty of the place along with some snowy mountains on all sides. Trekkers also get a chance to witness and experience the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary which is on the way to the top. Lush meadows, tranquil rivers, snowy paths, scented pine forests, peaks that almost touch the sky, beautiful villages nearby, and also some ancestral as well as mythological temples. It takes almost 6 days and 5 nights to complete the trekking experience in this beautiful landscape.

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Chandratal Trek

This trekking is known as the “lake of the moon” or the Chandratal lake because it changes color every hour of the day making it a wonder to all the trekkers there. This place is synonymous with beauty. It has everything that a poet imagines, A lake of crescent shape, and the rushing water, stilled and tranquil. This trekking spot is located in Spiti valley. The place is very famous and is really an adventurous one for trekkers. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, with an altitude of about 4250 meters. The trek is under the approach of Beginners to professionals as it is an easy to moderate trek. It takes about 7 to 8 days to complete the trekking experience at this place. 

Gomukh Tapovan Trek

A trekking spot in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas lies Gomukh Tapovan Trek, with a maximum altitude of 4465 meters above sea level. This trekking spot offers both spiritual aspects as well as amazing sightseeing making it one of the best trekking spots in India. There are many religious people who love to visit the Bhagirathi river which is said to be a holy one. As we go along the uphill following the same river you’ll reach a river that was actually the source for the same known as the Gomukh which means the mouth of the cow in the local languages of that place. Bhagirathi I, II, III, views of the 8 enthralling peaks, Chaturanga, Bhirgupanth, Mount Shivling, Meru Parvat, and Sudarshan are some of the highlights of this trekking spot along with the Gangotri glacier. Thomas takes 9 days to actually finish exploring this wonderful land. 

Rupin Pass Trek

If one wishes for an experimental track then Rupin pass trek is perfect to do. At an altitude of 15250 feet in the Himalayan regions Uttarakhand trekking begins from Dehradun of Uttarakhand and goes up to Shimla of Himachal Pradesh which is also surrounded by small hamlets this also gives a chance to experience and explore the local cultural beauty of the same. The snowy bridges, verdant glacial meadows, cascades are some of the highlights of this place along with large rivers, beautiful hamlets, snow-capped mountains, hundreds of waterfalls, and hanging villages which truly add beauty to the spot. There is a spot that trekkers would feel as it hangs out of the Cliff which is actually a village known as the Jhaka village which lies on the mountain ranges of the same. In a span of 7 days this trekking spot can be explored.

Kashmir’s Great Lake Trek

Trekking in an amazingly known ‘Paradise on earth’ with lakes all around. This trek is a moderately difficult one that stretches itself to a distance of about 75 km at an altitude of 13,800 ft. It takes the trekkers through the meadows of pine and maple, the still and tranquil lakes, the high and majestic snowy mountains, the fresh air, and everything here feels just like heaven is here. The Vaishnav Lake surrounded by 4 big mountains will blow your mind off with amazement. It takes almost 7 to 8 days to complete the trek to this place.

Dodital Lake Trek

Climbing to this trekking spot is said to be one of the most beautiful trekking spots the Uttarakhand region can ever offer us, which is 13615 ft in altitude and can be completed within 6 days. The trekkers get a chance to trek through the oak forests, fir forests, and so on. There is a lake at the end of this place which leads to a beautiful ancient temple where Lord Ganesha is the center of attraction, which is believed to be his birthplace. 

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