Power of Graphic Design as Virtual Assistant

Graphic Design as Virtual Assistant

In virtual assistance, the attention of the website reader is the main and basic factor. First designing then creating a stunning and attention-grabbing image is the basic restrain required for virtual assistance.

While designing an image for Virtual Assistance, there are three elements that have primary importance.

1. Text Management on the Image

An image is the representation of the creative thoughts of a graphic designer, and he will exert all of his energy to display what is in his mind. Most of the designers, the first plot drawing with pencil on paper and later on, take the help of a graphic design tool using a computer. For instance, the prominent places of Murree Hills to visit must have an image that will display icons and text in an organized way to motivate visitors through infographics that such Hilly areas are worth seen and is a good place to visit with the family and to stay at the guesthouses there.

2. Work with Humor 

Working with the current trends in a particular niche is the most popular selection when a graphic designer plans to create an image as a professional and works on a funny picture of a kid that has marked ice cream on his face. This will instantly divert the attention of the viewers. For example in the case of old spice that is a product gets benefits from the trends in a humorous way to promote the brand. Graphic designers are trained in a specialized way to capture the attention of the audiences with their skill.

3. Professional Animation: 

The recommended way to showcase the image is the animation and it should be user-centric. Create very short animated images that have a complete message as it is good for the life of the image and to capture the viewer’s attention. In the case of long animation sometimes viewers lose their interest and leave the website that wastes the whole struggle made by the designer. We often see on Google animated doodles that are displayed on searches to add new flavor to it.

Popular Graphic Design Tools

According to our professional approach, there are three professional graphic design tools that are existing on the planet. We will look into each of them step by step.

1. Adobe Photoshop

This tool is very helpful for basic as well as professional graphic designers. It is one of the earliest tools and that is equally popular online as well as offline graphic designers. It has the facility to create graphic designs in two dimensions as well as in three dimensions. It has a wide range of creative tools for photo editing, typography, and even animations. No doubt it is very costly but there is no alternative to this tool in the market. Once it is purchased it is installed on the computer for the development of graphic designing. You can work on this tool in offline mode as it is not web-based.

With this tool, you create YouTube Thumbnails, Facebook banners, and all advertisements for the business. Moreover, you can create your own videos with these tools equipped with three-D animations. For the initial use of this tool, you can use the trial version of this tool.

2. Canva Graphic Design Tool

This is a web-based graphic design tool that is introduced by the CANVA company.  It has its own free templates that are very helpful for the designer to create a banner and any other graphic design in some minutes. It facilitates the users on a monthly paid subscription.

3. GotoDesigno Graphic Design Tool

This is an emerging graphic design tool on the web with basic as well as advanced features. It is also a web-based tool with a set of designing templates that are increasing each day. If you want to use this tool unlike Photoshop you can use this tool without any professional skill. You can create your own social media banners in a matter of minutes. 

Moreover, you can enjoy the facility of free stock photos in this tool. The company has facilitated its users with Pixabay free stock photos.

Attractive YouTube Thumbnail is the main feature of a YouTube video; you are also facilitated with this tool to create Custom YouTube Thumbnail Size of criterion provided by YouTube in less than five minutes.

Another versatile feature of this tool is designing logos in less time as compared to other tools. Professional logos can be created with this tool that can be dazzling for all users either they are new on the website or returning visitor.

When you are using any of the above tools, keep it in mind that you are abiding by the copyrights laws and also make sure that you are not using the stolen version of the tools as later on issues of copyrights may appear. 

The main thing in graphic design is the creativity that arrives with a lot of brainstorming and consistent practice of the tools. So, we advise you to be creative with a lot of practice on a daily basis and a day will come in your life when you be a graphic designer of grade one.

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