Yiff Party: Best Free Working Alternative

Yiff Party

Yiff Party was one of the best alternatives that have come out in recent years, but unfortunately it was shut down recently due to complaints from some religious groups. Fortunately, there are still several other free working alternatives that you can use to meet, chat and hang out with other furries as long as you’re 18 years or older. Here are three popular options that are currently available.

What is Yiff Party?

Yiff, in furry fandom jargon, refers to sexual activity between furries. Yiffy is a term often used to describe someone who is interested in having sexual contact with a member of their own species, or members of other species. Yiffing is also used to describe any non-platonic touching among furries that involves arousal and/or gratification. Much like sex parties are human parties where everyone gets naked together and has sex (but doesn’t necessarily have sex with each other), yiff parties are gatherings of furries where everyone acts like cartoon animals and simulates sex acts but usually doesn’t have actual intercourse with one another. Read this article for know more about yiff party

How to use Yiff party?

So you’ve heard of Yiff Party, but you’re not sure how to use it. Well, we can help! This post will walk you through everything you need to know in order to use Yiff party as a working alternative to other sites. (but still be aware that sex is happening on yiff party so take precautions). We’ll assume that you already have an account and are just wondering how to get started. If not, then make sure to read our guide on how to register at Yiff party before proceeding. If you want more info about what exactly Yiff party is, check out our What is Yiff Party? post.

We’ll also give a short list of reasons why you should consider using Yiff party instead of something like FurAffinity or DeviantArt. While these sites may seem appealing because they’re mainstream and well-known, they actually have some pretty big drawbacks when it comes to being able to earn money from your art if that’s your goal.

Yiff party best working alternatives

Yiff party is being run as a yiff party archive (working link below) and is not just like any other ordinary yiff site out there. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy watching only selected yiff animations and yiffs which match your sexual preferences then Yipparty is that perfect place to hang around. It’s not just another yiff archive but rather a very convenient place where you get to meet tons of interesting people who are passionate about same things as you do, people whom you can never find in real life. This sex-oriented site also ensures complete privacy of its users, which means your identity would always remain hidden from everyone else on that site.

1. Thothub


Thothub is a simple hub of all furry related servers. They have an IRC link and new ones are added daily so there’s always room for new fun. It’s a great alternative if you like yiff but aren’t looking to spend money on a paid site. If nothing is working or you’re bored, it’s worth checking out at least once. Also, they host games and contests every now and then so keep an eye out for those! It’s well worth checking them out; you might find something you enjoy even more than FurryNetwork if you’re not into paying. And if nothing else, they do support us on Patreon!

2. e-hentai


The most-visited English-language site for anime porn, with a variety of genres and an extensive archive to yiff in. It’s also easy to use: all you have to do is click on a character and start watching. Finding more videos and clips is simple, too. With so much to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start—the Shaved tag is popular if you’re looking for women with no pubic hair, or maybe Monsters if you want something monstrous instead of humanoid? For some reason, e-hentai isn’t as active as Yiff Party.

3. kimono.party

Hi, kimono.party has a lot of reviews from both users and developers so you know it’s a reliable site! You don’t have to buy something directly from us either; we’ve got some of our own accounts for you to use for free, with plenty of space left! And because kimono.party is backed by Kimono Labs, you can feel comfortable knowing that your website is secure and stable. So what are you waiting for? Give us a try today!

4. F95zone


F95zone is still one of the best free working alternatives, as it contains thousands of games and flash video. It can be easily accessed from any web browser without needing to install anything. Unlike many other archives that are now defunct, F95zone has been around for nearly 17 years now, making it one of oldest surviving sites for adult entertainment on internet. As with almost all sites in archive, users will need to register before they can access content – however registration is free and only takes a few seconds. Once registered (and if your over 18), you have unlimited access to literally thousands of adult games and videos via various links on home page.

5. Dirtyship


Just as it sounds, but only if you’re a furry. I bet if you were yiffing with someone you’d probably not want to use yiff party archive, would you? This service looks very basic at first glance and seems like it’s just one of many sites that are aimed towards furries who want to yiff or wank off or something along those lines. The design is quite barebones and simple, but looks pretty good overall. You can create an account for free, which takes mere seconds. After registering there’s nothing else for you to do but go exploring for furries in your area! There is a really nice search feature that enables searching by location which is really convenient since not everyone wants to travel long distances to get their perverted urges satiated.


Yiff party is a great place to enjoy yiff animation. This archive has grown by 3 GB in a week. And we’re working hard to keep everything up to date for you. If you want more free stuff – don’t forget to check out our yiff party archive! It’s only best way of enjoying yiffs with no limitation.

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