10 Important Questions To Be A Happy Person In love

Important questions to be happy
Important questions to be happy

Important questions to be happy- today I am offering you a brief introspection on your emotional reality and how it can become a source of growing well-being by giving it a favorable direction imbued with new understandings and actions.

A majority of people dream of living the perfect couple, of feeling emotional fullness, but many remain in disappointment and repetitive scenarios. Today, I invite you to ask yourself very slowly in the face of each of the following reflections and to compare with your reality. If you are not living your ideal, there is no point in feeling guilty or looking at other people.

Anyone who passes through our life is like an actor who teaches us something. If this is wonderful, we have the signal of a good balance and great respect for ourselves. We see that we agree with ourselves.

If this is difficult, it is necessary to question oneself or help free wounds that promote painful repetitions like a magnet that attracts them without our knowing it. The unconscious works as we like it or not, for the positive as for the negative. Here are these ten essential questions to align yourself with a happy relationship.

1. Why are you together? If you are in a relationship, I invite you to ask yourself spontaneously what unites you. What fuels happiness in your relationship? What are the strengths and those to be improved? What are your common values? We want an ideal, but we still have to specify its components.

2. Is there a mutual admiration between you? If you are single, do you think back to your last relationship, for example, or all of them? What motivated your choice? Is it a need for security, a void to be filled, an appearance, a real surge of the heart based on fully compatible personality traits, or something else?

3. How is your communication going? They can both freely talk about their emotions, touch their vulnerability and feel welcomed there. Can you naturally cry in the presence of the other, knowing that he or she is there? Can you laugh together, do you send Good morning Shayari or messages or romantic quotes.

4. What are your joint projects that make you dream and that allow you to create with joy?

5. Is your romantic partner, your best friend at the same time? Besides love, the joy of sharing a thousand and one things, of laughing, of having fun, of confiding is undoubtedly a joy but also a fundamental element. Is it present in your relationship?

6. What attracts you to your partner? What does he (or she) like? Is it your body, your zest for life, and your sweetness, is it your go-getter and respectful side, what else? Are these characteristics that bring happiness there, or is there a presence of harshness that is only verbal or self-centered? Be humbly on the lookout for your things for improvement as well. Nobody is perfect.

7. Is it natural for both of you to seek help from a therapist as needed if things need to be released in the face of complex emotions from the past that is resurfacing, for example?

8. How is your intimacy, your sexuality? Do the two harmonize best?

9. What are your differences, and how do you cope with them? These consist of your life story, your injuries, your character traits, your tastes, and more. A couple is like a mirror where the other shows us what we love or what we no longer want. We can make it a unique creation that is created through these harmonizations and at the heart of respect for each one’s autonomy where one has as much right as the other at his or her moments outside the couple. At the beginning of a relationship, it’s essential to see the other as he is and not as we would like him to be, there is a nuance.

10. Is true love shared? What is love for you?

Although summary, these few reflections are intended to provoke in you a thought on what is essential to find oneself or build a healthy and pleased relationship.

Yes, we all dream of happiness, but the paths to get there are sometimes winding because we don’t listen to ourselves or haven’t learned to make good choices, being programmed according to so many wounds from a young age, all considering that our parents did the best. Human nature is made that way.

I speak to you from experience, the above questions, I have had to ask myself them in my life, and they are carriers of self-respect in the end.

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