October 1, 2022

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7 Ways To Make A Man Feel Special

make a man feel special
make a man feel special

ways to make a man feel special We always prefer to be next to someone who makes us feel good; there is nothing more captivating than someone who makes us feel valuable.

When you have a man who deserves it or wants to conquer him, do not skimp on demonstrations of appreciation and affection. It is not that you go out of your way for him, but also that you receive when someone special is happy with you

Remember that the universe always returns what you give, “Give to receive” when you do it with sincerity, you receive in abundance.

These details also allow you to maintain the spark, the magic, that special something that makes your relationship unique. Making a man happy has its payoff as he will try to reciprocate in equal measure.

7 ways to make a man feel special:


You can make him feel valuable by feeding his ego, highlighting his achievements or qualities:

  • “You are amazing at this sport.”
  • “You look like an expert when you prune the garden.”
  • “Thanks for helping; you are the best.”
  • “I trust you.”
  • “I’m by your side.”
  • “You look amazing.”


We all need living space, time with ourselves, or space where we can be comfortable alone, respecting their space, and not making them feel invaded is very important.


It can be very embarrassing to be criticized in front of friends, colleagues, or family, you have to have the intelligence to recognize when is the best time, and in public, it is never the time to point out your mistakes; you should always reserve those matters to speak calmly in private.


Let him know that you are attracted to him, flirt with him from time to time, even in the presence of his friends. He will love to notice that they still have these types of love games.


If you notice that someone is questioning his reputation, do not remain silent, you are the best person to defend him from negative comments; you do not have to show yourself on his side if you do not want to; you can simply put the other person on his Instead, you can comment that if he has something to say he should tell him directly instead of airing it with other people.


Remember that each person is unique and unrepeatable; it is also in bad taste to compare them with others; it is childish behavior that damages the relationship.


A man values ​​a lot when his favorite food is prepared for him without any special reason, accompany him on some occasion to see his favorite sport, you can have unexpected details such as a foot massage when you notice that he is really tired and deserves it, remember that everything comes back and when a man is nice to a woman, it is because she is also sweet to him.

Things men wish a woman knew

Many women would like to receive thousands of attention from their partners, the reason is due to the feeling of well-being that it produces, and curiously that is something that they also need.

It is not always women who need to be praised or treated in a special way; any human being, whether male or female, needs to hear certain things that raise their self-esteem occasionally. It is good for all of us to lift our spirits, that is a fact.

It is not always women who need to be praised or treated in a special way. Whether male or female, any human being needs to hear certain things that raise their self-esteem occasionally. It is good for all of us to lift our spirits, that is a fact.

In general, women are the ones who complain the most about a man’s lack of attention, but just as you need to be told how beautiful you look from having painted your hair, nails or wearing your new dress, men also need of compliments, be it for his new haircut, the shoes he is wearing, the suit he bought, etc. Remember that we all carry an inner child, and here among us, we are fascinated by being admired.

The life of men would be easier and without so many complications if women knew everything we would like them to do for us. Many misunderstandings and problems would be avoided, but since women are not guessers, here is a list of what we as men would like them to know.

Take the initiative

Times have changed, and the truth is, we would love for you to take the initiative and not wait for us to propose something. We even do not see badly that during the conquest, you are the first to take the first step since that lets us know that there is also interest on your part.


Men also like to feel motivated by their partners. It is a way of showing us that we are important to you and that you care about our things. It is true that our pride tells us that we can handle any situation, but a few words of encouragement would not be helpful. More to take greater strength and overcome any obstacle.


I wish you could always remember that if we are with you, it is because we want to and we feel comfortable by your side. There is no need for them to be controlling us all the time to see where we are or what we are doing, although many do not say it, every man enjoys to have free time and do what you want or just do nothing, so calm down.


Although the label that society has put on us is that we are the protectors, the reality is that we are also sensitive to what happens around us; although we do not show our emotions and feelings, that does not mean that we do not have. 

Independent woman

Nowadays, most men feel great respect and admiration for independent and stand-alone women, don’t leave us all the work, and are capable of doing activities without our help. 

Nice words

Not only do you like to receive compliments and compliments, but it also makes us feel good that, on occasion, our partner praises us for how good we look in that shirt; remember that we also strive to dress up and please you.

We are not afraid of compromise

Although most think that yes, we are not all the same, and when a woman tells us I love you for the first time, within our ego, we feel good knowing that we awaken that feeling in you, and also understand that we are not afraid of commitment, so we are able to say “Yes, I accept.”

Now that you know it, the next time you see your boy, do not hesitate to say or do something of what you have learned today; I assure you that you will surprise him.


Another thing that can make him feel special is that you share your dreams and illusions with him, the things you would like to become, that bring them closer and allow me to trust you with their most secret desires.