How To Choose a Career

Choose a Career

If you are feeling stuck about what major to choose or what career to choose or what job to look for next, a great first step is to envision what your ideal career or job looks like. This can only come from the inside! Only you know what you prefer and how you would like to live.

People underestimate the importance of thinking about the lifestyle they prefer when choosing too.

It reminds me of a story I once heard about a fisherman who goes out to fish for a few hours every day to earn his living. Then comes home, enjoys lunch, plays with his kids, then goes to town to play guitar each evening with his wife. Some vacationers come to town, and one guy can not resist telling the fisherman how to get more wealth by building up his fishing operation. Long story short, the fisherman is already living how he wants to live! The point is that that often lifestyle choice is an excellent way to weed out distractors. You might like to hear the short story for yourself, though.

Another thing to consider early on in your decision-making process is your natural strengths.

This is very important because a fulfilling career is built upon natural strengths, enabling one to work with ease and gain expertise faster. Sometimes defining your strengths can be tough because we often devalue what we do well — everyone can do that. It’s not special…that kind of inaccurate thinking.

So one action to take is to record what you believe your strengths are.

Then take some time to go to 3-6 people who know you well and ask them what they have observed that you do easily and well. Take notes and compare responses, including your own, to come up with a list of your natural strengths. Another good tool to try, which I have mentioned before to get more data about your natural strengths, is Marcus Buckingham’s “Now, Discover Your Strengths.”

Next, you can take what you have learned about yourself and compare it to what is required in your considering careers.

You do that not only with internet research but with invaluable field research, a.k.a. Informational interviewing. Can I tell you, it is amazing how much the view of a potential choice can change after talking to a few folks already in the career field? I cannot overemphasize how learning about careers brings career choice to life (in addition to the other perks of actually talking to people and building networking relationships)!

Mostly though, I encourage you to follow what appeals to you now as that is a big indication of your intuition at work.

Follow your nose with an understanding that you may not end up where you thought, but career choice a process, not a destination. I encourage you to dive into the process one optimistic step at a time.

Make sure to follow each step carefully and when you’re ready, start searching for a job with Worknrby Jobs in Jaipur to find the best career job for you.

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