August 14, 2022

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Parenting Tips For Surrogate Mothers

Surrogate Mothers

Surrogacy is a long uncertain journey. As a surrogate mother, you have to go through several processes that are critical. Besides taking care of your health, you have to take care of the baby of the intended parents. Until delivery, the baby is a piece of you, and you are the parent of the baby. Some parenting tips for a surrogate mother will help you be prepared for your surrogacy journey.

Here are the parenting tips for surrogate mothers:

Give First Priority to Taking Care of Your Health

As a surrogate mother, the first parenting tip for you is to give first priority to taking care of your health. If you are healthy, the baby will be healthy. The baby is inside your body and getting everything from you only. If you do not take care of your health, your baby will suffer. So, take proper rest and a nutritious diet, folic acid, and other medicine prescribed by your doctors, lead a healthy lifestyle and take regular physical exercise. Also, obey all the guidelines provided by the healthcare professionals at your IVF clinic. All these are the most important part of your parenting as a surrogate mother.

Keep Diary

Another parenting tip for surrogate mothers is to keep a diary for the 9 months period of the baby’s living in your womb. The life of the baby has already started with its first heartbeat in your body, although there is a misconception that a baby’s life is started with its birth. However, take pictures and write records and letters to the baby in your womb telling him or her about his or her movements, kicks, and how you felt about him although the 9 months etcetera so that the intended parents can provide them to the baby when he or she is grown up.

Prepare the Baby Emotionally When You Transfer It to Its Intended Parents

Whatever pathetic, it is an inevitable tip for you that you will have to provide the baby emotional support to prepare when you will transfer the baby after his or her birth. The baby you were carrying during your pregnancy, has been accustomed to your scent, touch, and even voice. Just after delivery in the hospital, the baby will seek those scent, touch, and voice from you, but you ought to transfer him or her to his or her intended parents. At this, the baby may burst into tears or show other emotional expressions and this sometimes breaks the heart of each and everyone present there. And here comes your parenting responsibility. You can go to the home of the intended parents along with the baby and try to introduce his or her intended parents to him or her all the way and for some time after reaching their home by your touch, gesture, and voice.

Introduce the Baby with the Voice of Intended Parents

Babies in the womb of the mothers can hear what their mothers say and listen. A baby’s hearing plays a vital role in his or her post-birth behavior and emotional expression. So, here is a parenting tip for a surrogate mother to introduce the baby with the voice of his or her intended parents. In order to do this, call them to accompany you during your pregnancy. Take time from them as much as possible. Chat with both of them in a group, or with the intended father, or with the intended mother according to their ability and time available. But, maintain regular contact with them and convince them telling that it is your parenting responsibility as a surrogate mother asks on madre subrogada for details. Record their talk or song and let them read books aloud to record by your Smartphone. When you are alone, play the recording so that the baby you are carrying can listen to become familiar with his or her intended parents.

Minimize stress

You will probably encounter the entirety of the customary emotional episodes and enthusiastic difficulties of pregnancy, so discover approaches to unwind and lessen your pressure. Offer yourself a reprieve if a portion of your duties slide a bit, and incline toward your surrogacy emotionally supportive network. On the off chance that you are battling with troublesome sentiments, try not to whine to the proposed guardians, all things considered, contact your surrogacy subject matter expert or another certified advisor for passionate assistance when you need it.

Final Words

Parenting is a great task that every human being has to go through, and sometimes has to continue for the entire life. A surrogate mother, on the other hand, has to play the role of a parent for a shorter period of time in comparison to the natural parents or intended parents, but it is even more important. The discussion on the above main tips will help you a lot in parenting tips for surrogate mothers.