May 7, 2021

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How To Make Money From Your Old Junk Car

Old Junk Car
Old Junk Car

There are probably millions of cars (Old Junk Car) that get recycled every year throughout the world which increases the number by furthermore tons when we talk about materials that can be recycled and are worth putting in making the automobile industry a great place for the recycling market. 

This provides a great relief to the environment in terms of putting a good usage of your old vehicle and since there are so many auto wreckers Porirua which makes the whole recycling process more convenient. But the catch is once you are set to give away your old car, you will be in dire need of cash for buying a new car. How about a scheme where you could simply make money by recycling your old car?

Well, the possibilities are endless! All you need to do is get your documents prepared, get in touch with an expert to know the value of your car and its parts, and then the rest will be money-making. Keep reading to know you can turn it into a reality:


Taking your car to car wreckers Porirua might seem like a worthless shot but the chances are you could set off a good deal there. There are more than thousands of car wreckers in New Zealand who would be willing to buy such an old car and later make money in one of two ways.

Your car will wither be crushed down and all the parts and materials will be sent for recycling. Once your car’s got crushed, it still holds the value of the metal used in it, or else all the parts which can be re-used will be sold off one by one before crushing all the remaining.

If your car’s parts were in good shape and the car wreckers could make money out of it by selling bumpers, bonnets, or wheel rims based on the demand for car parts Porirua then the chances are you will get a good deal on your car so make sure you are doing a deep cleansing before bringing it to the car wreckers. 

Whereas if you are saving yourself from the trouble of investing too much time in your car and selling it as a whole, the chances you might not get a good price which you could have by selling the car parts individually.


Platinum is one such metal that holds a good position in the list of precious metals and has a high demand in the market due to its ever-rising prices per kilogram. The reason for this will be the versatile nature of the metal since it can be turned using wire making and it doesn’t even corrode that easily. Another great thing with this metal will be its reusability which can be done by simply melting and hence most of the recycling companies keep looking for it. The easiest way to make cash for cars is by looking for platinum in your car’s catalytic converter but only if your car’s model isn’t older than 1974 since the catalytic converter with platinum was introduced after that period which was responsible for reducing the pollution made by the car and hence it was mostly attached behind the exhaust pipe of your car.


Your car battery is that one part that can be recycled over and over again and it will turn out to be just fine if it has a charge otherwise in the case of a discharged battery, you can recharge it for further use. This is the reason you could often sell and purchase old batteries from various people who take it gladly without any issue.

Since buying a new car battery might cost you around $100 and that too only the basic one. If you are looking for a better quality battery, you might have to pay around $180 for it whereas a premium battery could cost you a hefty amount of money from your pocket.

You could make more money out of your battery if the size is larger than the ordinary ones. There are various types of batteries which can fetch you different prices. Few common battery types are deep cycle, ignition, valve-regulated lead-acid, wet cell, and lithium-ion batteries.


When you talk about your car parts you must know every detail about them before taking them to the auto wreckers Porirua. This will make the whole recycling process and you won’t have relied only upon the information provided by the experts. This will also put you in the front seat, allowing you to bargain for the parts at the price offered for them. The market for car recycling is in abundance and you can try getting in touch with various wreckers before finalizing on one offering you the best price for your car’s metal scrap as well as car parts.