September 16, 2021

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Why is AutoCAD The Best Among Different CAD Options?

CAD Options
CAD Options

AutoCAD is not only helpful for designing structures and helping with the architectural part. There is much more to AutoCAD apart from only design as compared to other CAD options out there. In this article, we have highlighted some features that make AutoCAD stand out from the rest of the CAD options out there in the market. 

Built-in features: With various design layouts along with a wide assortment of templates, your creative expression consists of no limits. The best AutoCAD training centre kolkata will also guide you the same regarding AutoCAD coaching. 

Files Interchangeability: 

Drawing Interchange Binary (DXB) happens to be a file format that is only supported in AutoCad. It means that you can import files from any additional software or program to AutoCAD easily and effectively to carry out your work. 


Drafters and AutoCAD professionals state that the exclusive prerequisite you require to master AutoCAD happens to be a computer. It absolutely does not matter if you happen to be an amateur or an experienced level user, the AutoCAD software accommodates everyone. 

The Cloud: 

AutoCAD possesses a particular cloud storage. It indicates that you can easily save all your projects in a particular location, thereby accessing it whenever you need. It is documentation one step ahead. The best AutoCAD institute in Kolkata will provide you with further details if you take a course. 

Exquisite view:

The graphic simulation feature of AutoCAD helps the validation and prediction of a product before the procedure of manufacturing. In other words, one can truly witness the A to z of their product before it happens to be transformed into the physical form. Furthermore, it is no wonder that this software is so widely accepted in the world of professions along with design institutes. 

Why Should You Master The Art of AutoCAD?

The above-mentioned points are some of the reasons you should consider before choosing an AutoCAD course. But, to know why you should master the art of autocad design, check out the points we have mentioned below. 

Attention to details: 

AutoCAD knowledge assists you in creating a beautiful design apart from having a bright design visualisation. Each creative design that happens to be brought up within your mind happens to get projected onto your screen providing you the authority to construct it in the manner you want to. It is something that also ensures room for cricket corners and additional novice errors that you can easily fix once you take a course from the best AutoCAD institute in Kolkata

Master of all: 

AutoCAD helps cut across each vertical, hence ranging from animation to engineering. Apart from that, it is widely used in large scale as well as small scale industries. Once you take an AutoCAD course from a reputed institute, any other design software will be easier for you to master. 

Unmatched 2D modelling:

Ranging from civil engineers to architecture professionals, everybody carries out their designs by AutoCAD 2D. The drawing feature of AutoCAD 2D comes with high precision and helps create wonderful designs on the go. With its positions in planes and lines, 2D design and drafting takes care of piping, hydraulic and electric designs. 

What options do you have after AutoCAD coaching? 

By now, you are quite convinced about taking an AutoCAD coaching from a reputed institute. But some questions still haunt your mind. We are going to solve them below. Apart from being a cool skill, AutoCAD can provide you with several jobs accessible across various fields. 


In civil and Mechanical engineering, this software happens to be utilised to design assemblies and parts apart from analysing stress loads concerning the product in question and many more. 


AutoCAD comes with a dedicated flagship product concerning architecture known as AutoCAD architecture and encompasses every stage of building design ranging from technical drawings to site plans. 

Interior Design: 

Design ideas for lighting, furniture and positioning a sanitary ware happens to be made easy with the utilisation of graphic simulation features of autocad. 

Therefore, considering all the above features, AutoCAD can help unite professionals of numerous fields in their requirement of a basic design tool. If you happen to be toying with the concept of learning AutoCAD, there is an immense world ahead of you that you should go out and explore now.