October 16, 2021

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Top Common Accidents Likely To Happen On Construction Sites

As humans, we have no idea about what will happen in the future and are naïve to the upcoming incidents or events in our lives. Since the birth of construction activities, the possibility of incidents on the construction sites has also increased.

We have no control over such incidents, but we can prepare ourselves for the worst to happen in the future. This will enable us to easily tackle any serious issue without leading these incidents to a great loss.

Perfect planning and preparation will allow us to minimize such accidents and continue the work at the same pace. One cannot think of anything worst happening to them, but no one has seen the future. Working for a better future is surely is in your hands. To make your construction site successful, plan well, and take expert advice like construction claims consultants in UAE. These experts will tackle the accidents that happen due to workplace violence within the workforce or with the owner or any third party claiming to have the site’s authority and ownership.

Accident types happen on construction sites

Construction Accident

Here in the article, we will discuss the main causes of construction accidents and the types that are likely to happen. How to react to such types of accidents, and what precautionary measures should we take to minimize accidents like these from happening in the future.

Falling from heights: 

These are most likely accidents to happen on construction sites. People involved in building plaza’s malls etc., have to work at certain heights, and a great ratio of people have encountered injuries or deaths due to heights.

Some people have a fear of heights, which results in the happening of such accidents; some may slip from the working point, which results in personal damage.

Less precautionary equipment: 

These events have a higher ratio in developing countries where the workers are not provided with the precautionary equipment while carrying out sensitive tasks.

For example, imagine a person working in a mine without a helmet or other precautionary equipment. Some workers are still provided with the equipment, but the quality of that equipment is not good enough to survive any damage.

The falling of the debris on the workers: 

These are some of the most uncertain and unpredicted accidents. You can find a hundred or more examples of people dying because of debris falling on the workers. If not dead, then the injuries caused are the most severe ones.

This may occur because of different reasons; one would be natural, and the other is the use of bad quality material that trembled and could not stand any pressure.

The conflicts within the workforce: 

A construction site has several workers, and these workers belong to different areas and cultures. There are higher possibilities of having conflicts within the workplace due to differences in ideas or any other reason.

These conflicts usually turn out to be causing damage to one another and harming the workforce.

Inadequate workplace: 

The number of mishaps is also dependent on the workplace. If the construction site is mountainous, then the ratio of such accidents will be greater, causing more harm to the workers and the resource. Whereas if the construction site is adequate, then the percentage of these events is very small and minute.

Less access to light: 

The tripping of light energy in working areas where the natural light energy is limited could be harmful. These events are most likely to happen in mines.


Harsh weather conditions may result in the dehydration of the workers; to avoid such incidents, workers must keep themselves hydrated.

Use of explosive material at the site: 

The use of explosive material is common on construction sites. Many workers encounter accidents while making use of explosive materials on the site. They are either badly injured or face death.

Machinery failures: 

The incompetency to use the machinery or the malfunction in the machinery itself could be harmful enough to cause deaths or injuries.

How to prevent such accidents?

  • Train the workers
  • Use safety equipment and resources
  • Make safety plans
  • Try to resolve workplace conflict

How do such accidents affect overall project performance?

The happening of such incidents halts the overall project, and that project is delayed. The delay in the project means that you are deviated from your developed plans and will face loss. 

Delays are least acceptable in construction activities. Because one has signed a contract, and the deviation from the contract result in workplace violence and construction claims. Carry out your activities with effective strategy and plans, consult construction claims consultants in UAE to deal with any worst situation to make things work smoothly.